Why, Why, Why Wynonna Earp?

Here’s a tip. When your bus gets a flat tire 5 miles outside of nowhere, and a young woman tells you not to get off the bus, don’t get off the bus. If you do, you’re likely to become demon chow and that’s just gonna be messy for everybody.

Welcome to Purgatory. No, not that limbo state between heaven and hell. This Purgatory is a dusty western town that hasn’t changed much since the days of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. Actually, things have gotten worse, because instead of gunslinging outlaws, the town is now overrun by revenants.

These undead souls with the piercing red eyes have the Earp’s to blame for their ragged condition, so they hatch a plan to bring eldest daughter Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) back home.

They know, that Wynonna knows the location of the only weapon that can take them down – Wyatt Earp’s magical Peacemaker pistol. They figure that once she digs it up, they can take it from her and they’ll be safe to carry on their evil ways for all eternity. After they kill the Wynonna and her little sister, of course.

But Wynonna, like Buffy before her, has a destiny to fulfill, and demons to kill, whether she likes it or not. So, with a huge chip on her shoulder and the worst aim of anyone who ever held a gun, Wynonna takes on the motley, and somewhat moldy, crew and wins — which is to be expected, since it’s her show.

Next week, I’m guessing she’s going to have to do this whole demon killing thing all over again. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be much of a series? Would it?

What makes Wynonna Earp work is that the show doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s almost, but not quite campy. It’s reminiscent of the old grindhouse films of the 70’s: outcast waif turns kick-ass killer. The series is based on a graphic novel and you can feel that in the way it’s presented.

Wynonna Earp HomesteadThe look of the show is dusty and muted. It feels very lonely. When Wynonna asks the local barkeep for the fasted mount in his stable, you almost expect her to come charging out on a sleek horse. Nope, her mount is a sleek motorcycle and that sums the show up, right there.

Did I like it? I’m not sure. It certainly held my attention for the hour. I was surprised by the arrival of a mysterious stranger from the past. I don’t understand the federal agent who wants Wynonna on his team, but that’s okay for now. I do like the quirky feel of the show and the bits of humor. The stunt fights were impressive and the director really sold the story with a single shot down the inscribed barrel of the demon-killing gun. That part of the storyline gave me Supernatural flashbacks to their magical demon-killing Colt. Coincidence?

Bottom line, I’ll give the show another shot. But if they want me to tune in to epsiode 3 and beyond, I’m going to need a lot more story to go along with the bloody kills and the bad attitude.

Did you watch Wynonna Earp? Are you familiar with the comic? And if you are, did the show do the comic justice?

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10 on Syfy.

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