What I’m Watching: December 8

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – the holidays are here. That means people are stuck in doors thanks to snow, rain and ice and stressed beyond belief because of the extra responsibilities that come with making merry for 4 straight weeks at the end of the year.

What better way to destress than with a bit of British baking, a dash of mod detectives, a double dose of harmless horror and one over-the-top screamfest starring one of my fangirl faves.

It’s time for this week’s top TV picks on DVD and Streaming.

We’re starting out with an incredible deal on a rarely shown, classic cop show: The Mod Squad. This 1960’s crime drama starred Peggy Lipton, Clarence Williams III and Michael Cole as wayward youths recruited by a hip daddy Captain who believes that it takes one young rebel to know one. Each week, the three go undercover as beatniks, hippies, surfers, college campus protestors etc. If young criminal minds flock there, so goeth the three.

This Aaron Spelling series was quite a departure from cop shows like Dragnet and The FBI and it was a huge hit. Rarely shown on TV, you can now own the entire series for only $26.99. Really Amazon? That’s a cool price on a hot show.

While you’re on Amazon, check out the super deal on the recently released TV Movies that launched the cult classic TV series, The Night Stalker. Warner Archives finally invested in blu-ray editions of both The NightStalker (movie) and the follow-up film The Night Strangler. Not only are they clean, but they include brand new audio commentary tracks and featurettes. I hope to find the first movie under the tree this Christmas, so I should have a full review for you early next year.

 The Night Stalker stars Darren McGavin as a curious reporter with a penchant for stumbling into supernatural stories. The movies were produced by Dan Curtis of Dark Shadows fame and they’re wonderfully creepy in a safe, sort of way.

Which leads me to the not-so-safe horror movie on this week’s list: My Bloody Valentine, now streaming on Netflix. Okay, I know it’s a movie, not a TV show and it’s not very Christmasy, but it does star two of my TV favorites: Jensen Ackles of Supernatural and Kerr Smith of Dawson’s Creek.

Jensen plays a troubled young man who returns home to the small mining town where he grew up only to learn that there’s a crazy killer miner on the loose. There is more slashing and hacking than I like in a horror movie but in between the ax falls, there are plenty of twists and lots of suspense. And hey, it’s loaded with Jensen Ackles content so it’s a can’t miss movie for Supernatural fans.

 I will round up this round up with a very Christmasy edition of one of my favorite TV shows: The Great British Baking Show! This show is absolutely mesmerizing and it’s just what you need when your holiday nerves are frazzled to their very ends. This new holiday version of the show features your favorite bakers from past episodes, returning to the tent for another go at grabbing the gold.

 I’m telling you, if you’re having trouble sleeping tonight. Turn on The Great British Baking Show: Holiday on Netflix and you’ll be a sleep in no time and with sugarplum cookies dancing merrily in your head.

That’s it for this week. I’m off to watch TV.

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