Vegas ‘Scoundrels’ Review: Forget Attention, Dixon Needs Affection

Ralph and Dixon

In “Little Fish,” Ralph told a young prostitute that when you’re feeling lost and alone, it’s easy to mistake attention for affection. I think that’s why Dixon Lamb is always getting himself into trouble. All he’s ever wanted was his father’s affection but what he gets is his father’s attention when he does things like walk the herd out on to the highway and sleep with a married woman.

Heck, Ralph didn’t even say thank you when Dixon saved his life in Episode 2! I understand. He’s a tough man, who was probably raised by a father who didn’t show any affection, either. And we know that Ralph wasn’t even around during Dixon’s formative years. Jack raised him and probably was a little freer with the hugs and compliments. But this week, Ralph finally showed his son how much he loved him when he pulled out all the stops to keep Dixon out of jail.

It all began when a bruised and bloody Violet showed up at the sheriff’s station claiming that Dixon was the one who beat her up. He vehemently denies it, then lies about not going to her hotel room. (For an honest family, they sure do lie a lot *cough* Jack.) That’s a big oops, because Katherine not only found a witness, the witness had a photo of Dixon entering the Savoy!

If that wasn’t bad enough, Yvonne spills the beans about Dixon beating up Silver which Katherine says shows a pattern of violent behavior. No choice now. Dixon is under arrest.

With Dixon in jail, Ralph and Jack set out to prove his innocence. Ralph rattles Silver’s cage while Jack snoops around the Savoy. There, he runs into Mia who is genuinely disturbed by the situation and offers to help. (So glad to see her softening.)

Looking at the photos of Violet’s injuries, Ralph figures out that her lip was split by a man’s ring. This leads him back to Silver who’s on his way out of town. He tries to get Violet away from the producer but Silver’s hired guns draw on the Lambs and it’s Katherine who breaks up the showdown.

VEGASAre you licensed to carry those guns in the state of Nevada? No? Ooops. Off to jail with the lot of you. It’s all an excuse to get Silver’s ring, which Ralph then uses to get Violet to recant.

Now, here’s the thing about that thing. If you heard that Violet recanted and blamed Silver instead of Dixon, wouldn’t you think Ralph coerced her into changing her story?

The charges are dropped and Ralph goes to let Dixon out of the cell and finally – after 18 + years, they have their moment. Ralph tells Dixon that he always believed him (which is daddy code for ‘I love you.’) and Dixon gets the hug he’s been craving his whole life.

I loved this episode because I think the strength of this show is in the family dynamic and we just don’t see that enough. In this one, we got to see papa bear defending his cub and it was glorious. I also loved seeing that glimmer of hope between Jack and Mia.

Next week, Mia gets taken hostage by a killer and from the promo, it looks like Jack allows himself to be taken, too in order to protect her.

Once again. I can’t wait.


“Past Lives” – As Sheriff Lamb and Jack investigate the murder of a Savoy craps dealer, a desperate suspect in the case takes Mia hostage, demanding a ransom for his getaway.  Meanwhile, Savino plots to play dirty with Gainsley when The Tumbleweed Casino reopens, and Yvonne questions her new relationship with Dixon when her ethnic background becomes an issue, on VEGAS, Friday, April 26 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

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