Vegas Season 1: Hollywood Ending Review


This week on Vegas set the stage for several plotlines that will take us through to the finale. As usual, the episode was divided into three parts; the sheriff, the mob and Dixon.

Let’s start with the mob.

Savino made a new friend this week – the lovely Lena Cavallo (Melinda Clarke), formerly known as Lena Rizzo. Yes indeedy, she’s Mia’s mom back from the dead and workin’ it. She says she tried many times to see her baby girl, but daddy Rizzo wouldn’t allow it after he tossed her out for cheating on him. (She says she wasn’t but. . . ) Now she wants to get to know her little girl but Mia’s not having any of it. Two weeks ago, she was tough but now she’s like armor plating! That’s what happens when everyone you care about betrays you. She can’t trust Savino. She won’t trust Jack and she even gives Katherine the snit-face when she tries to help warn her about what’s going down.

Mia got the message, so she copied Savino’s numbers book as leverage in case he ever decides to turn on her. Smart girl because the house of cards is coming down and even Jack won’t be able to protect her if she gets caught in the collapse.


Which brings us to. . . the sheriff.

Last week, Jack put a tap on Savino’s phone and they caught him talking about the sandwich getting out with the avocado. But who or what is that? At Katherine’s insistence, Ralph agreed to let FBI Agent Byrne in on the case but it’s Katherine’s comments to Reynolds that sets everything in motion.

Fearing that the law is on to him, Reynolds fakes his own kidnapping, does a lousy job of it and ends up in custody. (Not avocaDo but avocat – meaning lawyer in Italian!) Bryne makes a deal with Reynolds, then sends him back to Savino to play out the crazy kidnapping story. Savino knows something’s hinky but he can’t be sure until he gets patsy Eddie Bade and Reynolds in a room together to compare stories. The only way out is for Reynolds to kill Bade in cold blood. At the last second, he turns the gun on Savino but of course, it’s empty. (Life on Mars!) We don’t see it happen, but it’s pretty clear that Reynolds is a dead man.

When Ralph realizes what’s happened, he takes it out on Byrne, but this time I agree with the FBI agent. Reynolds sealed his own fate when he agreed to work with Savino. At least he was trying to make it right up until the end.

Dixon in Hollywood

The third plot was all about Dixon and Yvonne in Hollywood. Dixon went to be with Violet but she was still with Silver. Fast forward to a fancy party, Silver hears Yvonne sing and asks her to come audition for his next movie. When she does, he puts the moves on her, then gets rough when she tries to get away. Dixon finds out and wow — one look at this face and you can see where this is going. . .


He beats up Silver – who deserved it but still. . .  then heads for home.

Next week, Silver gets his revenge when he has Violet accuse Dixon of assault. Looks like I’m finally going to get some good family moments as Ralph and Uncle Jack do what ever it takes to save Dixon.

Here’s a preview.


I’m even more excited about the spoilers CBS just released for the finale.

VEGAS (9:00-10:00 PM)
All bets are off when Sheriff Lamb, determined to get revenge, teams up with Savino to take down Porter Gainsley (Michael Ironside), the man who killed Lamb’s wife and attempted to murder Katherine. Meanwhile, Jack is devastated when he catches Mia in a compromising position.

Wow. That’s going to be intense!

Come on folks, we need more people watching Vegas on Friday. This show needs a second season.

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