Vegas: Past Lives – Don’t Know What You Got ‘Til it’s Gone


Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone. . . Mia was getting ready to sing that song after she was caught in a harrowing hostage situation with Jack on last week’s Vegas.

(Old photo because CBS didn’t post a SINGLE photo of Jack and Mia from this episode!)

In “Past Lives,” Agent Byrne’s aggressive march against Savino had unintended consequences — and you can say that twice.

First, it was Ned with the nice house and the new swimming pool. Byrne pulled the man in, along with everyone else who works at the Savoy and suggested he might be under reporting his income to the IRS. But. . . If he has some information to trade, then maybe Byrne could make the investigation go away. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know anything and neither does the chamber maid who gets her wages garnished. Byrne settles for Ned’s fingerprints which sets off a deadly fall of dominos.

Suddenly, Ned’s floating in the pool with a bullet in his chest. Left at the scene, an ashtray full of half-smoked, expensive cigarettes. When Ralph finds out that Ned wasn’t really Ned, Jack offers to go talk to Mia about it. Not that he needs much of an excuse to walk her way after she offered to help him out with the Dixon case the week before. That’s why Jack is totally perplexed when Mia greets him with an icy stare and snippy retort. But wait, what’s that about not not going to the show? And is she signaling with her eyes?

Whoops! There’s a nervous gunman named Harry behind the door and now he’s got two hostages. Harry takes Jack’s gun then cuffs him and Mia to the foot-board of the bed to wait for a bag of money to arrive from the courtroom. As he paces, Harry chain smokes and Jack puts it all together. This is Ned’s killer, which means he doesn’t have anything to lose by killing his hostages.

Jack tries to calm Harry while Mia looks stiff enough to snap on a breeze. But she can’t keep up the front when the young count room boy arrives and is shot by a panicked Harry.

I have to say that Sarah has the toughest job of all the actors on this show. She has to play it tough but if she’s too cold the audience won’t root for her and Jack to get together. In the scene where she comforts the bleeding boy, she has a chance to show her softer side while still maintaining her cool and her dignity. Yes, I can see why Jack is in live with her, I’m a little in love with her, too.

Jack, bless him. Makes a deal with Harry. He’ll help him escape the city if they leave now so they can get help for the boy. I’m sure he was hoping that Harry would leave Mia behind as well, but no such luck.

Past LivesMeanwhile, Ralph also puts it all together. Ned and Harry were haberdashers in Philadelphia when their place burned down killing one. The two men ran away to Vegas, where they started over with new identities. They got along fine for ten years but then Byrne started digging, Ned got scared and Harry ended it with a bullet.

Ralph meets up with Savino and an ambulance crew at the Savoy. They get to the room in time to save the boy but man, oh, man, the look on Ralph’s face when he sees Jack’s hat! The boy tells him everything he overheard and the chase is on.

Meanwhile, Harry stops to pick up his wife but when she sees the gun and the hostages she’s not having any. That’s the last straw for Harry. He’s going to snap and Jack knows it. He convinces the man that it will be easier to escape with only one hostage in tow. Harry agrees and there’s a painful, heart wrenching moment as Mia frees herself then cuffs Jack’s wrists together. She’s afraid it’s going to end like this, with him thinking that she still hates him. She wants to kiss him and hold him but she’s Mia so she stays strong and steps away.

As Jack drives off, there’s a gorgeous moment where he rubs his own arm. Did you get it? He was remembering how Mia had touched his arm earlier, when she was afraid they were driving toward their death. So in love, sigh.

And here comes big brother! Ralph rams Jack’s truck which gives Jack a chance to attack Harry. The roll out of the truck, struggling for the gun. Blam! A window shatters. Ralph ducks the shot then knocks Harry out and saves the day.

Jack’s reaction? He complains about Ralph denting his truck. Best line of the night, “I’ll take that as a thank you.”

Best scene of the night? When Mia runs into Jack’s arm, the ice queen melts and they kiss, kiss, kiss. Oh, I missed the two of you together.

Past LivesIn the aftermath, Byrne admits to Katherine that he might have gotten carried away. He wants her approval so he’s going to take it down a notch. If he gets the chance. In the most unexpected scene of the night, the wronged chambermaid steps out of the crowd and shoots Byrne on the street. We close with Katherine screaming for help.

Help? You’re gonna need it because the next two episodes are going to be hard on everyone. Revenge, explosions, a car over the cliff, a proposal and a betrayal. It’s going to be amazing. Don’t miss one minute of the final two episodes of the season.

Watch Vegas, Fridays at 9 on CBS.

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