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Vegas is back with six new episodes and a new time slot – Friday at 9:00 on CBS. (I heard a rumor that some of you didn’t watch. Don’t let that happen again next week or you’ll have Mia to answer to!)

Oh yes, Mia was the one who surprised me this week with a move that was a bit too much like her father for my liking. But let’s back up and see how we got there.

The overall theme of the episode was about whether or not it’s okay to pass up the little fish if it means you’ll catch a whopper. In this case, the big fish was Savino (who was oddly worried about the actual fish in his office tank) and the little fish was a pimp with a stable of young runaways.

I’ve been waiting for them to deal with a prostitution plot because it’s not only a natural fit with the new way of the city, it’s also a chance to accentuate Ralph’s cowboy ways. He’s a natural born protector of the innocent. The scene where he was packing the girl’s clothes, gently and neatly folding each item, spoke volumes. It was probably one of the least important scenes in the whole episode but it struck a chord with me. I also liked Jack’s comment about how he was doing it the way mom taught them. I love those tiny brother moments, like when Ralph told the story about Jack cutting his finger on the spurs in “Two of a Kind.”

Note to the Vegas writers – can we have more of these family moments, please?

The best brother moment was at the top of the episode. Jack came clean to DA Reynolds and Katherine about what happened to Rizzo and Ralph was right there to defend him. Poor Jack looked like he was going to be sick to his stomach during that confession but I’m glad it’s done. The one card I’m surprised they didn’t play was the mobster card – as in, the reason Jack didn’t confess was because he knew he’d become a target for the mob. Which could still happen, right? Savino’s smart enough not to hurt Jack but what about the higher-ups in Chicago? Are they going to let a lawman gun down one of their own?

The Common Enemy

Right now, Savino and the Lambs have a common enemy – Special Agent Byrne of the FBI. Sure, it wasn’t nice of him to swoop in and steal Ralph’s one hope of busting the pimp, but he’s only trying to do his job. The tricky thing is, even if he manages to bust Savino, it’s not going to keep the mob out of Vegas. They’ll just send another man and start over.

But if Byrne was wrong to trade a small fish for a big one, what kind of wrong was Jack to ruin Byrne’s case by cluing Mia in on the rat? He can tell himself he did it in order to save their own case, but the truth is, he can’t bear the idea of Mia going to jail.

I never thought about the fact that Jack has been turning his back on Mia’s illegal activities. Obviously, he knows she’s not innocent, that she’s in on the count-room tricks. So what happens when he gathers enough evidence to take Savino down? Mia’s going to go down, too! I’m confused.


Mama Mia!

And then there’s Mia, going all Dirty Harry on the weasel. At first, it looks like she’s going to let him off with a stern talking to, then orders him roughed up while she coldly walks away. Yow. At least she saved the young prostitute. I loved the woman who went to the station pretending to be her mother. The females of Vegas are not to be trifled with!

In the end, the girl reveals the name of the pimp. The scene where Ralph and Jack go to apprehend him was beautifully lit; full of shadows and grit. Loved the neon lighting and the crooked camera angles.  Very exciting.

Watch this:

Second note to writers: we need more of this kind of noir action.

Finally, the bug Jack planted in Savino’s office (the whole reason for the fight) pays off a little. He hears Savino talking to the man who walked the skim out of town, but he doesn’t recognize the voice. Keep listening Jack  – it’ll come to you.

Also kudos to whom ever developed the new intro! It’s sharp and has that cowboy twang. It captures the two sides of the show extremely well.

Next week:

“Hollywood Ending”

Lamb, Jack and Katherine take advantage of the phone tap in Savino’s office and try to get evidence on how Savino works the skim, making District Attorney Reynolds very nervous.  Meanwhile, Dixon and Yvonne arrive in Los Angeles to visit Violet at a movie studio, and Yvonne finally gets the chance to show off her beautiful singing voice at a big Hollywood party.  Also, Mia is shocked when her presumed dead mother, Lena, arrives at the Savoy and sets her sights on Savino, on VEGAS, Friday, April 12 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Series star Michael Chiklis directed the episode.

Nice, but I can’t wait for what’s coming up at the end of the month: “As Sheriff Lamb and Jack investigate the murder of a Savoy craps dealer, a desperate suspect in the case takes Mia hostage, demanding a ransom for his getaway.”

That’s going to be glorious!

Photo: Richard Cartwright/CBS © 2013 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.


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