Vampire Diaries Builds to a Big Finish

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Last year, when word got out that The CW was doing a show about teenage vampires, everyone groaned and said it wouldn’t last. Twilight for TV, they said.

What are they saying now?

The Vampire Diaries is one of the netlet’s biggest hits and it’s going strong right up to next week’s season finale. It’s been a pretty cool ride all along. First we met moody Elena (Nina Dobrev), barely dealing with the death of her parents in a car accident that nearly took her life, too. Enter moody Stefan (Paul Wesley), the perfect, poetic match, except that he’s a vampire. Enter brother Damon (read an interview I did with Ian Somerhalder) and that’s a recipe for wild and wicked fun.

Instead of dragging out the storyline of Stefan hiding his secret from Elena, creator Kevin Williamson did a smart thing, he got that bombshell over with early on then started telling the real story. Seems that Mystic Falls used to the home of a huge nest of vampires and vampire hunters. Now, the battle has begun again thanks to the return of the Salvatore brothers and the band that follows.

After watching the first few episodes of The Vampire Diaries, I was hooked, but I couldn’t see how they were going to draw the story out over a full season. Damon was doing little to hide his fangs, and you couldn’t have a whole town full of people who were so blind as to not see it, so how do you get around that? They got around it by changing allegiances again and again throughout the season.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Elena despised Damon, now she’s maybe a little sweet on him. Damon released a bevy of vampires from their tomb only to have them turn on him and Stefan. Alaric comes to town looking very much like a vampire hunter, but he soon throws in with Damon in order to stop Isobel (Mia Krishner) who was Alaric’s wife and one of Damon’s brood.

And the twists just keep on coming. We found out that Elena was really adopted and Isobel and her Uncle John are actually her parents. Jeremy finds out that vampires exist and he tries to get himself turned by Anna who is a little upset over the death of her vampire mother. Katherine is still often spoken of but never seen and in her place we get Isobel who comes to town looking for a devise that can kill vampires. She takes Jeremy hostage in order to get Elena to get the goods from Damon (you still with me?) and he agrees – on one condition.

Elena’s best friend Bonnie is back (read my interview with Katerina Graham here) and her witchy powers are awesome. She agrees to break that spell on the vampire killing gizmo so Elena can give it to Isobel and everyone goes home safe if not happy.


Only one problem. Bonnie didn’t remove the spell. Now Katherine has a vampire killing whosit and I gotta assume she knows how to use it.

Next week is the season finale of The Vampire Diaries it’s Founders Day which means parade floats, carnival games and more death and destruction than Mystic Falls has seen in the past 140 years. It’s going to be a great ending to a terrific season.

Don’t miss The Vampire Diaries, Thursday at 8:00 on The CW.

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