TV on DVD Flashback: Gilmore Girls

Lorelai: “Don’t let his family see you. Spiders are vindictive. And this was a really big spider. I think it had a gun.”

Jared Padalecki (Rory’s first love, Dean) once said that the main requirement for working on Gilmore Girls was the ability to talk fast. That’s because the average Gilmore Girls script is twice that of any other TV drama. But the real joy is what they manage to pack into that hour, creative characters, witty banter and more pop culture references than a game of Trivial Pursuit. So many pop culture references that there’s a 43-page booklet of “Gilmorisms” included in this DVD set.

It’s 153 episodes strong! It’s Gilmore Girls – The Complete Series Collection.

DEAN: “If you’re eating pizza with them and Lorelai decides that the pepperoni is angry at the mushrooms because the mushrooms have an attitude and then she holds up a pepperoni and the pepperoni asks for your opinion…don’t just laugh. Answer the pepperoni.”

Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham, Evan Almighty) was born to well-to-do parents Richard and Emily. She was raised in a large home with maids and gardeners and coming-out parties that required long white gloves and a fan-dance. She was miserable and then Christopher came along and her life changed forever. At sixteen years old, Lorelai got pregnant and rather than deal with the disapproval of her parents, she ran away to the tiny town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. She got a job as a maid and with the help of the town’s quirky inmates. . . um, residents. . . she raised her baby, Rory, without benefit of a dad.

When we first step foot into Stars Hollow, teenage Rory (Alexis Bledel, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) is about to see a big change in her life. She’s been accepted to a fancy private school which is the first step on the road to her dream – a college degree from top university. Oh, and one other thing – there’s a boy. There’s always a boy.

From the pilot episode, through to the finale appropriately named “Bon Voyage”, the series follows Lorelai and Rory as they live, love and learn all about life. There are the characters who stayed such as Luke (Scott Patterson, Aliens in America), Sookie (Melissa McCarthy, Samantha, Who?) and Lane (Kieko Agena). And there are those came and went like Dean (Jared Padalecki, Supernatural), Jess (Milo Ventimiglia, Heroes) and Max (Scott Cohen). But one thing you can say about all the characters on Gilmore Girls, once you meet them, you never forget them.

Rory: “Billy Jack, I’m gonna kill you or buy myself a lovely chenille sweater.”

Gilmore Girl fans have favorite eras, often labeled by the romantic interest of the time. Those (like myself) who lean toward the early Rory and Dean years are Narcoleptics. Rory and Jess fans are Literati’s, where as Rory and Logan equals Rogan Shippers.

Then there are the “April ruined the show” fans, the “I Hate Christopher” club and the folks at the TVGuide podcast who regularly refer to fast-forwarding over any scene on any show as “Sooking” (So named for one editor’s habit of skipping any Sookie scene on Gilmore Girls).

What all fans will agree on is that the series has charming characters and witty banter like no other. It’s a smart show that doesn’t stop to explain the rapid-fire pop culture retorts such as, “Business? Now you’re Willy Loman?”, “I need you to be civil, at least through dinner, and then on the way home you can pull a Menendez. Deal?”, and one of my personal favorites, “God! You’re like Ruth Gordon just standing there with a tannis root. Make a noise!”

Gilmore Girls is a literary paradise and now paradise comes in one giant package! (Personally, I own the limited edition doll case version which is amazing, but that’s no longer available.)

Lorelai: “Ugh, Rory, my brain is full. It has reached capacity. It’s Shea Stadium when the Beatles played. It’s cramped and girls are screaming and I think George is fighting with Ringo.”

If you’ve never seen the show – where have you been living – and you should probably buy the individual seasons, one by one.

If you’re a fan and you’ve been watching the series online or the reruns on TV, buy the complete series set. As of this writing, you can buy it on Amazon for under $100. That’s way down from the original price. I think mine was in the $200 range when I bought it new. Still, it’s a lot to hand over at one time, but there’s something about seeing a whole series together in one box. . . it’s like watching an Osmond Meets the King Family reunion special hosted by Lawrence Welk. It doesn’t get any bigger than that.

“Oy! With the poodles already!” And that’s Gilmore-speak for stop talking about it and go buy the DVD.

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