Torchwood 2.1 Review: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Torchwood_S2_Marsters “Excuse me? Have you seen a blowfish in a sports car?”

And with that we’re off on another exciting season of Torchwood. But wait! This isn’t just like last season! This is Torchwood on steroids! Richer, Sexier, Sweeter and more exciting than ever. If you’ve never tuned in to this British scifi series, you have got to switch it on when it premieres tonight (January 26) on BBCAmerica.

Warning! May contain slight spoilers for the season premiere and upcoming episodes of Torchwood. But it’s nothing you probably don’t already know!

The series opens some time after we left off. Jack is still gone (remember he left to help Doctor Who save the world, again) and the gang is on their own. I wasn’t completely sold on this opening at first because it was shades of Angel meets Lost in Space with the fish guy on the run in a snazzy stolen car. Not that I don’t love Angel or Lost in Space — but it’s so not Torchwood. I did, however, love the oh so Gerry Anderson music playing under the chase. Come on, scifi aficionados, tell me this doesn’t sound like the opening theme to UFO.

What I did like about the starter was the clever turn they used to introduce the team to anyone who might be watching for the first time. A tactic they run with later on when the “hub” is unveiled to the guest star. And just about the time I was beginning to worry, they wow’d me with an entrance that’s ever so Jack.

“Hey kids, did you miss me?”

I sure did.

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