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This week on Project Blog, our sponsor is Gillian’s Food History Blog. In honor of that, I present you with Tops in TV: Cooking Shows. And stay tuned after for a chance to win a cookbook from Gillian.

Read on:

5. Paula’s Home CookingPaula Deen is a no-holds-bared Southern belle who makes no apologies for cooking with slabs of butter, fist-fulls of fat and more sugar than Willy Wonka uses in a year. She’s charming, witty and her sons aren’t half bad, either! Time to rustle up some Southern Fried Steak, biscuits and gravy.

4. Iron Chef – the original only, please. Where else can you see chefs filleting an octopus with the seriousness of a Samurai? Made in Japan and dubbed over into English, this show’s campy quality had me hooked from the opening bite of the pepper. “Oh look! He’s using both the octopus liver and the suckers in his ice cream! How yummy!”

3. Kitchen Nightmares – while Gordan Ramsay’s new series isn’t technically a cooking show, I adore it and I want it on my list. Each week, Ramsay visits a restaurant that is about to go under and he helps them make the changes needed to become a success. It’s almost always about the type and quality of the food but decor, personnel and bad attitudes also factor in. This isn’t Hell’s Kitchen. This is an uplifting series that shows you what you can do if you put your mind to it.

2. 30 Minute Meals with Rachel Ray – this Food Network show gives me cooking confidence. Rachel Ray makes all of her dishes look so easy to prepare and her enthusiasm makes me want to run into the kitchen and start cooking right away.

1. Top Chef – this creative cooking competition always leaves me wanting seconds. From the unique personalities of the chefs, to the wide variety of dishes, this series is exciting from start to finish. My only wish? That sweet chef, Sam, would become a regular. I adore him.

What’s your favorite cooking show? Leave a comment here, then check out the prize you can win this week on Project Blog.

The prize? Gillian’s ebook, “Chronicling The Fifth Deadly Sin.”

Here’s what Allison has to say about the blog and the book:

“Chronicling the Fifth Deadly Sin” is a tasty collection of recipes from around the world. And I do mean tasty. This isn’t your typical cookbook, and Gillian’s not your typical blogger. Occasionally, I read through it just because it’s funny and interesting, even if I don’t need a good idea for dinner.

Some of the recipes you’ll find in this book include Andy’s Hong Kong Curry Triangles, Trudee’s Canadian Chocolate Cheesecake, and Medieval Style Mushroom Pastries. Mmmmmm…

If that sounds interesting to you, check out Gillian’s site for a sneak peak of what you could win! Her site includes recipes from around the world, as well as the history behind them.

Want a chance to win this week’s prize? You can enter up to three times!

  • For one chance, leave a comment on this post on Reality on Bravo with one “food fact” that you’ve learned from any post on Gillian’s website.
  • For a second chance, blog about this contest on your own site and email the link to allison.boyer-at-yahoo-dot-com.
  • Want a third chance? Go back to RealityonBravo on Friday, vote for your favorite in our Project Blog competition, and leave a comment showing support! The winner will be drawn at random from all qualifying entries.

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