Top 5 Ghost Hunting Shows

ghost_huntersYou wouldn’t think there’d be room for more than two ghost hunting shows on TV, but there were actually more than a dozen on the air this past TV season.  And despite the fact that not one of these shows has ever captured undeniable evidence of life after death, we still watch every week, thinking this time is going to be THE time.

Here are the Top 5 Ghost Hunting Shows currently airing on TV.

5. Ghost Lab: This new series airs on Discovery Channel and for that they get a lot of flack. The series revolves around Texas brothers Brad and Barry Klinge, founders of Everyday Paranormal. Their gimmick is the fact that they roll into town in a giant ghost hunting mobile lab that they use to monitor “scientific” evidence as it’s recorded. Their most startling revelation to date was a knife that jumped out of a vase on to a table in one episode. If you ask me, the bigger mystery is why the knife was in a vase in the first place.

4. Most Haunted:
This Travel Channel series is a British import and it stars Yvette Fielding and a revolving team of psychics and parapsychologists. This is one of the few shows to employ psychics and mediums in their investigations and that fact has come back to haunt them on several occasions. In 2005, The Daily Mirror exposed medium Derek Acorah as a fraud, citing a case where he was fed false information, which he then repeated on camera, while “possessed” by said made-up ghosts.

3. Ghost Adventures:
Known as the “angry” ghost hunting show, Ghost Adventures also airs on Travel Channel. Each week Zak Bagans and his two buddies get locked down inside a haunted location where they proceed to antagonize the ghosts with shouting, foul language and bad acting. On the upside, the show spends more time delving into the history of the locations and it is fun to watch these guys freak out every time they feel a cold draft on their necks.

2. Paranormal State
This half-hour series airs on A&E follows a group of college student ghost hunters who really take this personally. Ryan Buell is the founder of the Paranormal Research Society at Penn State University (aka Paranormal State). His early encounters with a dark force have led him to a life of ghost hunting and now he’s got a team and a TV series to help him search for answers. This show is unusual in that Ryan comes off as more psychologist than parapsychologist. There’s also a leaning toward the religious aspects of a haunting, along with talk of demonic possession.

1. Ghost Hunters: The granddaddy of them all is Ghost Hunters and they remain the champs. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson started out as humble plumbers who hunted ghosts on the side, but they’ve become supernatural celebrities thanks to the success of their series on Syfy. The show is extremely predictable and perhaps that’s why it’s so popular. They go in, they get the history, they set up the equipment then it’s lights out. That’s the time for EVP work, thermal camera imagery and the good old five senses. They startle. We startle and then they convince us that the sound on the digital recorder is a ghost saying his own name even though it sounds like the rumble the furnace makes when it comes on at night.

But what really makes Ghost Hunters the most popular ghost hunting show is the down-to-earth feel of the production. Theatrics are kept to a minimum and Grant, Jason and the whole gang seem like the kind of folks you’d enjoy having at your next barbeque. That’s more than I can say for Zak Bagans who would probably spend the whole afternoon cursing over the grave of my poor departed Fluffy.

Photo: Ghost Hunters courtesy of Syfy

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