Tim Riggins & the Beauty Queens

Sounds like a great name for a rock group!

I started the evening with Friday Night Lights and I was again overjoyed and disappointed all at the same time. The synopsis said “Tornado hits Dillon”, so I was prepared for this great Irwin Allen disaster episode. Started off fabulous with Mr. Riggins, ever calm and cool, throwing himself around sweet Julie to protect her as the grocery store windows explode.

Opening credits and then we’re at the Taylor home all safe and cozy. I thought it was one of those “Two Hours Earlier” bits that they’re fond of doing on Atlantis. But no. That was it for the twister. One short scene. Everyone is fine, but a rival team has to bunk at Dillon. Big deal. And for a show that prides it self on NOT doing the predictable, I was so surprised when Coach caught Tim tucking Julie into bed. Tim was doing a good deed and he got raked over the coals. I like the angst but something less predictable would have been better. Finally, could we have dumped at least one Tyra and Landry scene for a bit of Jason. I’m tried of them.

After FNL, I checked out the new reality series Miss America: Reality Check. What a great idea this was. All 52 women are bunking together and competing in challenges such as discussing controversial topics and being physically fit. I love that they’re trying to change the Miss America image because it really is outdated. And how funny is it that it’s the Southern women who are clinging to the big hair and make-up?

I love that Staci and Clinton from What Not To Wear showed up to dig through the womens’ luggage and I didn’t even mind that it was a blatant advertisement for their show. But what’s with a reality show where no one actually gets kicked out of the house on a weekly basis? 52 women and only 7 showers? This could get ugly and fast.

Watch Miss America: Reality Check on TLC Fridays at 10:00 and Friday Night Lights on NBC, Fridays at 9:00.

Still on the DVR – a new ep of Stargate Atlantis but I need to be fully able to concentrate when I watch that one, so it will wait for tomorrow.

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