This Means War!

Tonight it was warring dancers, a record-breaking Eliminator and a totally “tight” Terminator.  Welcome to my Monday night. 

Dance-war-Duo I started my night with Dance War on ABC and I’m so terribly disappointed. I adore dancing shows and I thought this one would be the best because the contestants have to sing as well.  But I was expecting wonderful production numbers like they did on Grease: You’re the One That I Want.  What I’m getting are amateurish pop numbers with singers who can’t stay in key.  And then there’s the half-hour plus recap of the last two episodes.  Enough all ready!  I want to see these guys pull off a Broadway production number!  Please.

During the Dance War recaps (which were endless), I was able to switch over to NBC for more American Gladiators.  This is the one show on TV that my teenager comes down to watch with me and for that alone, I love it.  They’ve toned down some of the cheesy dialogue and mannerisms from the first episode.  The show also benefited from more Hulk Hogan and less Laila Ali.  Tonight’s episode was particularly exciting with TWO gladiators going up in smoke during Assault and one contestant who beat the Eliminator with the fastest time ever.  Amazing.

Sarah-Connor-Turk-08 From reality to fantasy – at 9:00 it was Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Fox.  I still love the show, but this episode, The Turk, was quite a slow down compared to the first two.  The scene was set for several new storylines and we got to see more of Agent Ellison and he’s cool.  And what’s with that funky painting on the wall at the high school.  On a second look, I realized it’s a silhouette of a man and his bride about to kiss.  Or am I seeing things?

What’s really bothering me about the show, though, is the sudden computerizing of Cameron.  In the pilot, she was able to function at the high school as a normal girl.  She fooled us and John.  Now, all of a sudden, she doesn’t know how to enter a room, or sit down in class, and she can’t phrase a normal sentence?  What happened?  Did her circuits get damaged when Mama Connor dropped her out that window last week?

I did, however, enjoy her remark about the eyeliner pencil.  “No, it’s not brain surgery.  It’s not sharp enough.”  (or something like that.)

And John’s evaluation of the school day.  “No one tried to kill me, she didn’t kill anyone.  It was a good day.”

Yes, indeedy.

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