The Middleman: Fighting Evil So You Don’t Have To

111694_215 “Don’t you want to fight evil? Monsters? Robots? Aliens?”

No? Don’t sweat it. The Middleman is here, fighting evil so you don’t have to and since he’s doing it on ABC Family, you can rest assured that he’ll perform his duties with a level of virtue that makes Boy Scouts look like common street thugs.

There will be no drinking (unless it’s milk), no cursing (profanity cheapens the soul) and no tights, cause, well, he’s not that kind of superhero. So what kind of superhero is he? Picture a male version of Donna Reed dispatching aliens as Donna would dispatch dust bunnies from under the bed. Just another day in the life. . . and it all comes from the fertile imagination of Javier Grillo-Marxuach.

Javier Grillo-Marxuach (the name is way too cool not to repeat) is a TV writer and producer known for his work on Lost, Medium and Charmed. Even better than that, he’s a comic book geek extraordinaire! The Middleman was originally written as a TV pilot, but it ended up becoming a series of graphic novels, which, ironically, are now being made into a TV series. (That’s one way around the system!)

It’s three parts Austin Powers, two parts Men In Black, one part X-Files all mixed together with just a touch of Gilmore Girls.

Wendy Watson (Natalie Morales) is an art student who’s having a little trouble finding her true calling. She lives in a loft with her best friend Lacey (Britt Morgan) and she works boring temp jobs to pay the rent. And then one day, the boring lab where she answers phones gets a little less boring when a science experiment escapes from the lab and is neutralized by a calm, but mysterious, stranger.

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