The Matriarchs of FNL

They aren’t surgeons saving lives or CEO’s making million dollar decisions. They don’t have superpowers and they aren’t charged with trying to save the world. What they are, are some of the strongest female characters you will ever see on television. They’re the matriarchs of “Friday Night Lights” and they are the real American heroes.

“Friday Night Lights” is the story of a small Texas town that lives and breathes high school football. But as much as football is central to the theme, the show isn’t about the sport at all. It’s about life in a small town. It’s about pinning your hopes and dreams on the one slim chance of getting out. It’s about family, community and how quickly we can fall from grace by chance or our own undoing.

“There are towns all over, not just in Texas, that rally behind these sports events because that’s all they have,” says series co-star Liz Mikel. “Every kid wants to grow up to be the athlete. Every girl wants to date an athlete. Every parent wants to say, ‘yes, my kid is playing for this team.’”

That’s Dillon, Texas. A town where having a son who is the quarterback gets you a better deal on a new car or an extra portion at the local steak house, a town that’s willing to bend the rules to win and spends each Sunday in church praying to God for another state championship.

But what happens when the lights go out? What happens when the pressure to be number one becomes too great? That’s where the ladies come in.

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