The Axe Falls on Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue

ABC dropped the axe on two of their most innovative new shows this season, Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue.

Last Resort was an adventure series straight off the big screen. The crew of a nuclear sub is ordered to attack Pakistan but the commander refuses because the order came through the wrong channels. When he asks for clarification, his sub is attacked by US forces and the cat and mouse game begins. With a sub full of nuclear missiles at their disposal, the crew of the Colorado take refuge on an island that has problems of its own and end up fighting a war on two fronts.

It’s a cool premise and quite an ambitious visual to put on the small screen, so where did they go wrong? The show had great promise and they did the right thing by jumping straight into the fray without a lot of character defining flashbacks. Still, after only a few weeks, the show had trouble maintaining the fear factor. Instead of a taut thriller, it began to rely on extended violence for dramatic effect and that’s the cheap way out.

Will the crew of the Colorado find their way home again? Doesn’t sound like ABC will give them the funds to make it so.

ABC also pulled the plug on their paranormal suspense series 666 Park Avenue. In this series, the devil owns an apartment building in New York. It’s a building where dreams come true as long as you turn over bits of your soul along with the rent check.

Beautifully atmospheric with a neat premises and a solid cast, 666 Park Avenue should have been a hit, alas, the viewers of the alphabet network began tuning out a few weeks ago. Why? Probably because of the slow pace of the reveals and little action. The show had its spooky moments, but it wasn’t creepy enough to live up to its name. Perhaps if the producers had gone a little more Dark Shadows and a little less Gossip Girl, they would have survived the season.

As of now, nothing short of a deal with the devil will keep them from closing up shop after only 13 episodes. Then again, 13 sounds about right.

Will you miss either of these shows or did they deserve a short run?

Photo: Last Resort courtesy of ABC

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