Hawking Hotdogs for Celebrity Apprentice

What was on my DVR last night?  Celebrity Apprentice (up against my favorite show, Supernatural!  How dare they!).

I’ve run hot and cold on Apprentice but thought this was an interesting twist.  As usual, I went in indifferent and came out yelling at the TV.  Omorosa should have been the one to go home!!!  She was the one who said, ‘let’s not use our celebrity status to sell’.  Then over on the men’s team, Gene Simmons is dialing up his buddies and asking for huge donations.

In the end (and after creative editing that led you to believe it wasn’t so) the men took the prize, beating the women by a huge margin.  I was glad.  I like the men’s team.  They’ve got some real sharp cookies over there but they aren’t puffing up and getting in each others way.  On the men’s team, I think Gene Simmons could take it all.

On the woman’s side, I’m liking Marilu Henner.  She’s got a good head on her shoulders.  But wait, Nadia Comancei is one of the contestants?  I never even noticed her.  Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.  Will I watch next week?  You bet.

The other item I cleared off the DVR was this week’s  The contestants had to create a design out of whatever they could find at the Hershey’s store.  Only Gillian was brave enough to use real food – a bodice made of Twizzlers with more Twizzlers as the fringe on a swinging skirt.  In the end, it was Rami who took the prize with his adorable pop-art inspired dress.  So very cute.  And clothing that smells like chocolate?  I’m in!

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