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Satans Writers Room FBWe’re just a few weeks away from the start of the fall TV season. While everyone is looking forward, I thought I’d take a look back.

Here are some of my favorite interview quotes from my Supernatural book of interviews: Come on in, the Water’s Bloody: Interviews with the cast and crew of the TV series Supernatural.

Jared Padalecki in 2008 talking about the five-year plan

Jared: You know what, I’d have to defer to Eric; he’s the storyteller. I get paid to say the words that are on the page. I love my character and I love exploring it but I know Eric wants to keep the quality up. He doesn’t want it to be 39 seasons of Bonanza and it’s like, shotgun in a wheelchair, (hillbilly accent) ‘c’mon Dean’, with our sons running around fighting for us. However, he feels the story needs to be told; he hasn’t steered us wrong yet. If he says four is good then four is good. If he says five is good, then five is good. People who are real fans of the show, they love the story, the characters, but I’m still the actor. I’m not writing these scripts. I’m a big fan of mythology, my mother taught mythology. I love Joseph Campbell, I’m reading a book right now. I’m here to tell the story that Kripke and the other writers want to tell and I’m here to tell it.

Eric_Kripke 2007Eric Kripke in 2007 talking about the music:

Eric: One of the best pleasures I’ve had on the show, one of the most gratifying moments, is kind of online and checking out the blogs and there was like a 14-year-old kid who said, ‘What is this band Foreigner? And what is this song “Hot Blooded”? I really liked it and I went out and bought the Greatest Hits of Foreigner!’ I was like, ‘Oh, I’m doing God’s work. I’m introducing someone to Foreigner! If only I can get more people on board with Triumph’. And to be able to spread that sort of sick obsession of mine has been very gratifying.

Misha Collins in 2008 talking about his brand new role as an angel

Misha: Yes, my reservations were that I didn’t want to play anything that could be a…a one dimensional, feel good kind of character. A lot of times, especially these days, angels are popularly depicted as fluffy winged, cherubic little beings who are nothing but. . . they’re like little tooth fairies and that does not sound interesting to me. But reading the scripts, it became clear very quickly that that was not the direction they were going in here and that took my reservations away. And going back to the Bible and reading Revelations, they are nothing like the angels we see in modern lore, they are very complex and often incredible dark characters.

Jim Beaver in 2008 on the emotional moments:

Jim: The emotional stuff is fun to play but the fact is, it rarely takes away from the fun of being on the set when we’re getting into the heavy stuff. I think Jared and Jensen and I are similar actors in that we play right into whatever the scene calls for at the moment but we’re pretty good at separating our lives once they call cut. So, we have a lot of fun even with the emotional scenes and that’s not to say we don’t take them seriously and there have been a few. I remember when Jensen was doing the scene where he’s talking to Sam’s dead body and he kinda wanted some quiet time before the scene and we respected that. There’s a lot of respect for how each actor works but for the most part we play the scene when we’re in it and we play real life when we’re not.

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