Supernatural: The Official Companion Season Six [Book Review]

Did you know that Jensen Ackles’ dad provided the newscaster voice in the first episode Jensen directed, “Weekend at Bobby’s?”

Did you know that the purgatory manual in “Like a Virgin” was made out of real skin – pig, not human.

Did you know that Supernatural: The Official Companion for Season 6 is loaded with trivia, quotes and photos from every episode in the season? Of course, you did but I’m going to tell you more about it anyway.

Season Six began with domesticated Dean and Souless Sam. Grandpa Campbell also returned with a singular goal in mind – do what ever he can to please a demon so he can see his daughter Mary again. It was all about the Alphas, the very first creatures that begat all the rest of the creatures and that meant some terrifying close calls for the Winchester brothers.

The companion book begins with Sera Gamble and Robert Singer talking about a new direction for the series. Then there’s a closer look at each of the episodes with trivia, music listings, quotes and black and white photos.

When you hit the center of the book, you’ll find gold. Eight full page of glossy color photos including stunning portraits of Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins and a collection of candid, behind-the-scenes shots. There’s also a closer look at some of the Sixth Season’s best props such as a heavenly blade and the Staff of Moses.

The book rolls into one page bios on the actors who joined the show for the season including Cindy Sampson (Lisa), Nicholas Elia (Ben), Mark Sheppard (Crowley) and Sebastian Roche (Balthazar). That’s followed by installments in the Meet the Crew series (Cinematography, Line Producer and Special Effects) and a discussion called “Do you believe?”

Author Nicholas Knight wraps things up with a look at the current tie-in books and past year’s conventions.

Oh, but before you close the cover on this companion book, Dean Winchester has a couple of things he wants to say. “11 Clues Your Brother Might Not Have a Soul” and “11 Signs Something Scarier Than the Apocalypse is Coming” will make you laugh while you take a trip down the Season Six memory lane.

Clue 9: You’re abducted by aliens and [your brother] puts less effort into getting you back than most people put into choosing their words in a Scrabble game.

I think Dean is very glad that it’s a new year full of new promise, new hope and all new monsters.

Season Seven of Supernatural is now airing Friday’s at 9:00 on The CW. Season Six is available on Blu-ray and DVD and the Companion Book is also available right now on Amazon. Enjoy.

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