Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 7 [Book Review]

Season 7 of Supernatural introduced us to the smarmy and dangerous Dick Roman, the delightfully geeky Charlie and we got to hunt bad guys with Eliot Ness. This was also the season of killer clowns, rampaging lookalikes and a mini-Buffy cast reunion between James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter.

Season 7 had laughs (“Party On, Garth”), tears (“Death’s Door”) and the ultimate Winchester family break-up. In other words, it was another typical year for our favorite, monster-hunting brothers.

As with the volumes that came before it, Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 7 is loaded with fun trivia, quotes from the cast and crew and fabulous photos. You’ll get a closer look a the important props from the season, including the Word of God tablets and Bobby’s flask. The book also includes disturbing, close-up, color photos of the damage a monster can do to the human body. Yuck.

In addition to the usual challenges of producing a special effects laden series with no standing sets, Supernatural’s Season 7 had a few special issues. One was the extra episode which gave them an uneven number for the year. Since the show alternates between two composers, the two agreed to work together on “Time After Time” to create something really special with live musicians delivering the 1940’s sound.

By far, the biggest issue for the crew was the delivery of Baby Boy Padalecki. Knowing the baby could arrive during one of three episodes, they had to come up with contingency plans that would allow them to shoot around Jared. They called it Operation Moose Drop and luckily baby Thomas went along with the plan.

Here are a few other notes from the season seven companion book:

In “Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie”, the crew members’ children contributed the artwork you see in the episode.

Kacey Rohl, who played Marian in “Born-Again Identity” is the daughter of Supernatural director Mike Rohl. She’s also guested on Fringe, Caprica and The Killing.

And here’s a real set secret – in “Meet the New Boss” Jensen had a hard time keeping a straight face while performing a scene with Jared. To get him to stop laughing, the director made Jared turn his back to Jensen. That’s the shot that made it into the aired version of the episode but you wouldn’t know it because the camera only caught a portion of Jared’s shoulder in the foreground. Go back and watch the episode and see if you can spot it!

Want more behind the scenes secrets and trivia? Pick up a copy of Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 7. It’s available now on Amazon.

Supernatural will return with the second half of their eighth season on January 16.

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