Supernatural: The Family Business

In the first season of Supernatural, Dean and Sam have a heart-to-heart about the “family business.” You know, saving people, hunting things. . . the Winchesters have been doing it since Dean was four. They didn’t know it then, but their mom’s side of the family, the Campbells, have been doing it for centuries.

Turns out mom Mary never wanted her kids to grow up in the family business, but fate dealt her a raw deal that ended when she fried on the ceiling of Sam’s nursery. For John Winchester, though, hunting wasn’t a familiar, family business, it was a way to get revenge, an outlet for his anger. He insisted that Sam stay in it, not because it was expected, but because it was the only way he knew to keep his son safe.

Dean, on the other hand, takes pride in doing what he does. He couldn’t save mom, or Jessica and with the start of the second season, he couldn’t save dad but he could save strangers. He could save innocent people like Evan Hudson in “Crossroad Blues,” or Susan and her daughter in “Playthings.”

As part of the family business, Sam and Dean Winchester have done a lot of a good in this world, but it’s cost them dearly — nearly everyone they care about, including each other on numerous occasions.

Supernatural is about ghosts and demons, but it’s also, more importantly, about family and that’s what makes it so compelling week after week.

I have to say, my family roadtrips weren’t ever anything like a Winchester family roadtrip, but I like to think we’d be there for each other should we happen upon a monster or two along the way.

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