Supernatural The Complete Eighth Season: Top 5 Episodes

supernatural eighth season dvdSupernatural returns on October 8, so to get ready, I worked my way through Supernatural: The Complete Eighth Season. To be honest, I like Season Eight better than Season Seven but I’m still a bigger fan of the first two seasons. I just liked where the brothers were back then but I do realize that characters have to grow and change.

Before I get to my favorite episodes of Season Eight, let’s talk about the extras on this DVD.

“Finding Supernatural” – This oddly named featurette discusses the difficulties of producing “found footage” episode “Bitten.” I love anything that talks about production, so that was my favorite extra.

“Angel Warrior: The Story of Castiel” and “For the Defense of Mankind” are overviews of two of the big storylines. Both were two talky for me, but die-hard fans will appreciate the amount of thought that went in to creating these arcs.

The DVD also features the usual deleted scenes and a well-produced gag reel – always funny but not as sharp as those we’ve seen in the past.

Several episodes have producer commentaries and those are always insightful.

Now, let’s get on to the main event:

My Top 5 Favorite Episodes from Supernatural Season Eight

Hunteri Heroici – I love anytime they do a themed episode and the cartoon effects in this one were spot on. Let’s gear up. It’s wabbit season!

LARP and the Real Girl – I’m a Charlie fan and the whole idea of setting a story during an elaborate roll-play game was a fun throwback to that comic book store owner in “The Monster at the End of This Book” who thought Sam and Dean were LARPing.

Pac-Man Fever – Because I love Charlie, this one made the list, too. Plus, Dean in uniform! Clever plot and lots of great lines. (“I’m sorry. I froze. I couldn’t Control-Alt-Delete my way out. Real life role playing is hard.”) The best thing about this funny episode is that it was also very emotional. Love, love, loved the Dean / Charlie hug at the end.

Clip Show – Supernatural has this wonderful way of putting a new twist on an old TV cliche like clip shows. I got a kick out of the references to old episodes and I was excited to finally see Taylor Cole back on the show. Not the return I had hoped for but. . . we can’t have happily ever after, can we?

As Time Goes By – I’m also a fan of episodes that involve Winchester fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers. . . as far back as they want to go. These episodes remind us all that it’s the family aspect of the series that pulled us in from the start. The ghosts and ghoulies are cool but it’s the brother element that keeps fans tuning in week after week.

What were your favorite episodes of this past season?


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