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Ghostfacers_01Supernatural is over for the season (sob) and so is our contest, so why is Dean so happy? He’s thrilled that we got over 200 people to tell us what was their favorite episode of Supernatural. Thirty-two episodes were named but several of them kept coming up over and over again. Check out the list below to see if you agree with the choices.

But first – the winners! They are:

Lissie 23 and Taylor Blue!

Here’s the break down (and it’s not exact as some people answered more than once, or gave two answers, but it’s close)

The favorite episode is:

What is and What Should Never Be (35)

SN220-0017Devil’s Trap (20)

In My Time of Dying (18)

Born Under a Bad Sign (18)

All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 1 or 2) (15)

Mystery Spot (14)

Pilot (8)

Tall Tales (8)

Faith (8)

Nightshifter (7)

Bad Day at Black Rock (5)

Ghostfacers_07 Ghostfacers (4)

Hell House (4)

Skin (3)

Asylum (3)

Heart (2)

Playthings (2)

Dead in the Water (2)

Dream a Little Dream of Me (2)

Roadkill (2)

Something Wicked (2)

The Benders (2)

f_SN3080014m_54da7a4 Supernatural Christmas (2)

Phantom Traveler (2)

Fresh Blood (1)

Houses of the Holy (1)

Shadow (1)

Bloodlust (1)

Home (1)

heart3 Provenance (1)

Simon Said (1)

Croaton (1)

Thanks to everyone who entered and a special thanks to Peter Johnson and Wildstorm for arranging the prize.


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