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Rising Son 1Supernatural Rising Son Issue #1 hit comic book stores this week and to celebrate the new series, we’re giving away copies of Supernatural Origins: The Director’s Cut.

ETA: Contest is Over.  Thanks for entering! 

Rising Son picks up several years after the first comic series, Supernatural Origins, ended. Eleven-year old Dean is now old enough to join John on the hunt, but is he old enough to deal with the horrors he’s about to see? And what about Sam? Now seven, he’s really feeling the pain of the constant moving around, new schools, motel rooms instead of a home and hardly a chance to make friends. More and more the brothers come to depend only on each other as John continues to put the search for their mother’s killer above all else.

In Issue One, John goes searching for one of Mary’s relatives who has fallen off the map. Seems all her family and friends are disappearing and he’s going to find out why. It’s a brutal tale that reminds me of the Eerie and Creepy comics I used to read as a kid.

Issue Two goes on sale May 28.

John Winchester is haunted by his past and fears his future. The death of his wife Mary left him broken, but the revelation that his son Sam might have a connection to the dark world of the supernatural might be too much much to bear. Is he willing to sacrifice Dean to protect Sam from a lifetime of horrors?

Issue Three goes on sale June 25.

The sacrifices John Winchester has made for the “greater good” of hunting are tremendous, but he finally takes the biggest step of all: arranging a first “hunt” for his older son Dean. Is the young man ready for the horrors his father has hunted for years? Will he finally “connect” with an emotionally distant father in the only way possible?

Rising Son 4 Issue Four goes on sale July 23.

John’s decision to start his son Dean down the road to the dark world of Hunting has left him unsure about what to do with his younger son, Sam. There’s something special about Sam — but is that quality to be nurtured or feared? Could a mysterious woman trailing the trio hold the answer?

Still written by Supernatural Executive Producer Peter Johnson, but with all new art, the new series of Supernatural comics should help tide you over during the long, dry, rerun filled summer.

Now, about that contest. Supernatural comic author Peter Johnson will be autographing two copies of Supernatural Origins: The Director’s Cut for the giveaway. This trade paperback is a compilation of the six comics in the first series but with a twist. After publication of the comics, Peter did an interview with me that brought him quite a bit of feedback. Fans spoke their mind about the Impala, the art, and various details that went against canon. So when they sat down to republish the comics in trade paperback form, Peter made a number of changes based on the fans suggestions — including making the Impala the family car from the very first frame.

Oh yes, and Peter’s plotting partner will be autographing the books, too. Some guy named Eric Kripke?

Supernatural_Origins_TPB Want to win? Here’s how.

THE PRIZE: 1 copy (awarded to each of two winners) of Supernatural Origins, the trade paperback, autographed by Peter Johnson and Eric Kripke

HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment on this post with the title of your favorite episode of Supernatural. And if you like what you see here, please consider subscribing to TV of the Absurd RSS feed using either the feed reader or email link at the top of the sidebar.

WHO CAN ENTER: Anyone who loves Supernatural including fans outside of the US.

DEADLINE: Enter by Thursday, May 15 by 10:00 PST. I’ll choose the winners just after the Supernatural finale.

Good luck and keep supporting Supernatural!


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