Supernatural Origins: Take Two

supernatural3.jpgOver the summer, my interview with Supernatural Origins creator, Peter Johnson caused quite a stir in the fandom. Fans of Supernatural were up in arms over the huge number of mistakes they found in the comics, some canon and some more debatable in nature. The passion of the fans so impressed Peter that he impressed his publisher to makes changes in the comics before they went to press in a trade paperback.

Now that the six-issue comic arc has been put to bed, Peter’s ready to embark on another challenge – another six-issue arc of Supernatural comics with lessons learned.

The second series of Supernatural Origins is slated to revolve around an older Sam and Dean as they begin hunting with their father. This is an area that hasn’t been explored much, even in the show’s own Wee!chester flashbacks, so I’m excited to see how it plays out.

Oh yes, and remember that other fan complaint, about the art work for the comics being too dark and abstract? Well, Peter’s been thinking about that and it sounds like there might be a change in the art direction, too. Might I suggest that the artists work from real photos of Jensen and Jared from when they were teenagers? Something more photo-realistic is definitely what the fans are clamoring for.

Want to know more? Watch for details, coming soon.

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