Supernatural: Jus in Bello Review

f_SN3110013m_0092f89 Wow, that was almost a season finale and what a finale it would have been. Jus in Bello is the last Supernatural we’ll see for awhile and it was one heck of an interesting ride.

Basically, it was a bottle show — an episode with the main characters confined to a small location. Ironically, the original introduction of Agent Henricksen was also a bottle show. In days gone by (and maybe still) bottle shows were used when a series began running over budget. By limited the locations and the setups, you could film a bottle show much faster than a normal episode. Hostage situations and natural disasters were natural catalysts for this kind of episode and as usual Supernatural does it with a twist.

I call this, “Fort Apache: The Bronx” Meets “Night of the Living Dead.”

The boys break into Bella’s hotel room in order to steal back the Colt but as it keeps happening this season the girls have once again outsmarted the boys. (Normally, I’m all for that but I’m tiring of it on Supernatural.) Our guys end up in a small town jail with Agent Henricksen gloating on the other side of the bars.

These early scenes were amazingly tense as both Jared and Jensen did a fine job layering false bravado over “oh crap, we’re screwed.” But things go from bad to okay, that might actually help when Henricksen’s boss (Peter Deluise) shows up and shoots Dean.

Jus-in-Bello-06 Whah! What the? He shoots Dean and bullets are flying all over the cell and Dean’s trying to make himself not a target and Sam is trying to get the gun away and then boom – demon eyes. Time for a little exorcism and how long did it take Jared to memorize those lines! Of course when the cops run in to see what’s going on the FBI guy is dead and Sam has a gun — so not helpful. But since the FBI guy has no bullet in him and Dean does it’s the first sign that something is amiss. And you know what they say about amiss being as good as a mile.

Chopper go boom. Zombies go scary. Sam says, ‘nice Nancy, I won’t hurt you’, then promptly scares the beejebus out of her when he steals her rosary. Nice little scene of Sam looking after Dean’s wounded shoulder and then it’s straight on until morning, i.e. the world’s longest TV stunt sequence!

Henricksen’s possessed, he gets dunked, “I Shot the Sheriff,” “But you did not shoot the deputy.” The handcuffs and leg irons come off (awww) and it’s game time. The little band makes quick word of salting the doors and windows while Sam spray paints devil’s traps at every entrance point. But salt lines are made to be broken and look what the cat dragged in — Ruby. Have I mentioned that I’ve had quite enough of her? She pits Sam against Dean by mentioning the secrets Sam’s been keeping and then she drops the bomb — the new big bad demon in town is a girl, Lilith and she’s not a happy puppy. BUT there’s one way to save the day. Sacrifice a virgin.

Jus-in-Bello-05 “Yeah right,” Dean laughs. “Nobody’s a virgin!” But of course, little Nancy is (I was kinda hoping for Sam but. . . .). Now here’s where I love it because it fits into the themes I like to write in my fic. It’s needs of the many vs. needs of the few. Kill Nancy and everyone else survives. It’s an age old dilemma of battle. Sacrifices must be made, but like many good leaders, Dean chooses to go down fighting even if it means they all die in order to keep from becoming killers themselves.

If I may digress into real life for a moment. This kind of thinking has always fascinated me. Look at the instances where four police officers are killed trying to save one hostage or five soldiers that don’t come back on a rescue mission for one of their own. It’s human nature to let the chips fall where they may. Real heroes die trying and I love seeing the boys put in this position.

So the battle rages and it’s wonderfully choreographed! (Yeah, Lou Bello and company.) Bodies fly, the boys fly, house fly — in the end it’s Sam’s dulcet tones on a tape recorder that saves the day. And not a moment too soon because I kept yelling, exorcise them already!

In the end, Henricksen solves the FBI problem the way we always suspected it would have to be. He reports their death in a chopper explosion so the boys can go on with the fight without worrying about the long arm of the law.

Jus-in-Bello-10 Yeah, all they have to worry about is the short arm of Lilith. Little girls on Supernatural are always extra creepy and this one is no exception. Shall we begin calling her WED – the White Eyed Demon?

Exhausted, we roll into the tag and it sucked! Not in a, that was badly made way, but in a ‘oh, our poor boys’ way. Looks like they can’t get a break, no way, no how.

And that’s it for now. It will be four weeks before Supernatural returns and it will be interesting to see how they decide to end this shortened season.

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