Supernatural is Back with ‘Black’

SN1002a_0196bSupernatural’s is back with “Black” – the premiere episode of the tenth season and the fact that the CW led with photos of Dean singing Karaoke should tell you a lot about the episode. Not what you’d call a stellar start to a landmark season.

I’ve been a Supernatural supporter since day one but with every season I’ve had a harder and harder time feeling anything for these brothers that I grew to love. On Monday, The CW ran a series retrospective and I don’t think it was a coincidence that a large portion of the clips came from the first few seasons. Everyone, including Kripe, rags on the Monster of the Week style of the first year, but I loved it and those are still some of my favorite episodes.

I’m not saying I don’t want or expect the characters to change and grow but ever since the angels hit the scene it hasn’t been the same. First off, maybe it’s all my Catholic school training, but I can’t get on board with the concept of angels as killers so I wasn’t at all interested in the Castiel / Hannah storyline. It slowed down what was an already plodding plot.

The episode began, as all premiere’s do, with a rock and roll montage. Again, not one of their better attempts. From there, we jump to a chained up demon who appears to be talking to Dean but turns out it’s really an angry Sam who is torturing her for info.

Wait? How did we get here? Didn’t we end last season with deceased Dean waking up as demon Dean? Where’s the Sam reveal? How did he react when his brother’s body went missing? Later in the episode, we learn that Dean left a note telling Sam to let him go. So. . . does Sam know that Dean is a demon? Did he leave the note from beyond the grave? I was confused.

And can we talk about Sam’s broken arm? I’m guessing Jared did damage to himself yet again so they had to film the whole episode with his arm in a sling. They didn’t even work hard at writing it into the story – just a throwaway line from Castiel about it being his fault.

Then we have Dean, who is basically being the Dean we knew back in the old days. He’s sleeping around, drinking, drinking some more and singing bad karaoke. He also has a violent streak but this isn’t anything we haven’t seen from Dean even when he wasn’t a demon. Which, it turns out, was the big reveal – he’s not a full demon yet. I think. Honestly, by the end of the episode, I was more confused than ever.

SN1002b_0504bThe saving grace for me was Crowley. Mark Sheppard always has the best lines. Listening to him trying to woo Dean was both comical and pitiful – the Adventures of Crowley and Squirrel – you complete me – let’s go run hell together. Talk about a bromance! Crowley sounds like he’s madly in love with Dean. And writing that, I just realized that Castiel had the same sort of relationship with Dean. Angel and devil both in love with the two sides of Dean Winchester.

The last ingredient in the stew is Cole (Travis Aaron Wade). He’s hunting Dean but when Sam asks if he’s a hunter he goes with a ‘sure, why not’ answer that indicates he’s not. So who is he and why does he want Dean so badly?

Here’s what Jeremy Carver had to say about that:

He is someone from Dean’s past who is looking for Dean for reasons totally unrelated to what’s going on with the demon/Mark of Cain story. He’s a guy that has a terrific amount of hunting skills but he’s not a hunter in our sense of the word. He has no idea that the monster world exists so imagine his surprise when he comes across the man he’s been hunting and he is something other than human. He’s a pretty cool character.

Right now, he’s not doing much for me but we’ll see where it goes. That’s the funny thing about Supernatural and me, even when it’s not working, I still tune in and I will until the credits air on the very last episode.

Next week, it’s part two of the Crowley and Dean show, so there is that to look forward to. What did you think of this Season 10 opener?

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