Supernatural Gets Animated

One of the definitions of the word animated is “full of vigor and spirit.” Using that as a gauge, the CW series Supernatural is already animated, even in its live action form. The show takes us on a weekly wild ride into the dark side, introducing us to ghosts, demons, angels and some pretty nasty humans. Still, there’s a limit to what even such a great production team can do given the constraints of time, money and tech.

That’s where Supernatural: The Anime Series comes in. Animation gives the storytellers a chance to open up the possibilities and really explore the world of Sam and Dean Winchester. With anime, the monsters and settings can be as anything the animators want them to be. They can be bigger and uglier or more illusive (which is often scarier than anything you can see on screen.)

The only thing harder than animating a creature no one has ever seen before, is animating the things we have seen before. The artists behind Supernatural: The Anime Series do an excellent job with the characters and the world around them. You’ll see the emotions on Dean’s face, the wind whipping at his clothes and you’ll feel the tension, like in this clip that depicts the opening of the Devil’s Gate.


Several years ago, an artist made a cartoon icon of me. He could have made it look just like me, but instead, I asked him to draw me the way I see myself. In the drawing, I’m thinner, my hair is blonder and I don’t have glasses and yet, I look at that little picture and I still see me. The goal of Supernatural: The Anime Series is not to be photo-realistic, but to use color and movement, shadows and sound effects to create an homage to the series we already know and love. Their faces may be sharper but when I look at the front of that box, I see Sam and Dean Winchester ready to put it all on the line in order to protect the innocents from all the evil in the world.

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