Stargate: The Ark of Truth DVD Review

ark_of_truth_dvd.jpgAfter ten seasons on the small screen, the SG-1 crew have made the leap to. . . well. . the small screen, but in a very big way. “Stargate: The Ark of Truth” is the first in a series of straight-to-DVD movies and it hits store shelves this Tuesday. With a bigger budget behind them (rumored to be around 7 million) and more time to dedicate to one storyline, the Stargate movies are poised to be grander than ever. But turning any TV series into a film comes with one inherent problem — how do you keep fans engaged without alienating potential viewers who have never seen the TV show.

Me? I fall somewhere in between and I probably represent the majority of the audience for this movie. I’ve seen Stargate SG-1 now and again. I’m familiar with the basic characters and premise but I haven’t seen a single episode in the past five years. I do watch Stargate Atlantis on a regular basis, so I’ve got a leg up there. Keep this in mind as I review the movie.

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