Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-Ray: Fun But Not Logical

star-trek-into-darkness-blu-ray-release-dateIt’s hard to believe, but we’re already looking at the second DVD release from the new Star Trek franchise. All of the rebooters are back: Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Spock,  Zoe Saldana as Uhura, John Cho as Sulu, Simon Pegg as Scotty, Anton Yelchin as Chekov and Karl Urban as McCoy.

In this outing, Kirk, once again, struggles with his own emotional demons as he sets out to settle a very personal score. He leads the Enterprise crew right into the heart of the Klingon empire on a quest to find the infamous Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch). There’s danger. Excitement. Explosions and plenty of duty, honor and sacrifice.

In other words – it’s Star Trek!

Now, time for a warning. Apparently, there are several versions of this movie release, each with different special features. Target, Best Buy and Walmart (so I hear), all have different versions.

The version I was given as both a Blu-ray and a DVD disc. A few years ago, this was a smart move. Now, it’s a waste. I would have preferred Blu-ray plus a second disc of special features. It also contains the key to download or stream a digital copy of the movie.

The features on this release are:

  • Creating the Red Planet: Experience the creation of a never-before-seen alien world, as featured in the action-packed opening sequence of the film.
  •  Attack on Starfleet: Go behind the scenes with the cast and filmmakers and witness the creation of the shocking attack on Starfleet Headquarters.
  •  The Klingon Home World: Discover the stunning world of Kronos, and see how the filmmakers reinvented the Klingons for a new generation.
  •  The Enemy of My Enemy: Find out how, and why, the identity of the film’s true villain was kept a mystery to the very end.
  •  Ship to Ship: An in-depth and thrilling look at the filming of the iconic space jump sequence, which both defied the laws of physics and pushed the limits of visual effects.
  •  Brawl by the Bay: Sit in with Zachary Quinto and Benedict Cumberbatch as they revisit their intense preparation for the film’s breathtaking climax.
  •  Continuing the Mission: An inspiring look at the partnership between the film’s crew and the organization that assists returning veterans to find meaningful ways to contribute on the home front.

No commentary? I hear that the only way to get it is to buy the iTunes version of the movie. Maybe so, but I can’t find any reference to that on the iTunes listing. So confusing.

On a positive note, the movie looks amazing on Blu-ray. The colors pop off the screen and you can see the tiniest details in the sets and costumes. This release really pays homage to all of the technicians who worked on this film from the cinematographer to the special effects team. I like that.

Star Trek Into Darkness (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy) is now available at Amazon or you can click over to Walmart for the deluxe edition which includes a 1:50 Scale Collectible “Star Trek” Villain Ship by Hot Wheels. A nice bonus.

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