Sophia Grace & Rosie’s Royal Adventure

Sophia Grace and Rosies Royal AdventureI don’t usually review DVDs that are for kids, particularly ones that are all girly and fluffy but today I’m making an exception. If you have little girls at home, you need to head over to Amazon right now and order Sophia Grace & Rosie’s Royal Adventure on DVD.

Sophia Grace and her cousin Rosie are internet sensations who made their way from YouTube the The Ellen Show to superstardom. Now these British moppets are staring in their first movie, which is only natural because they’re already the stars of a line of children’s books.

In Royal Adventure, the girls are sent to cover the coronation of a new queen in Switzelvania, but when they get there, they find several princesses competing for the crown. The girls pick their favorite then set out to help her win the royal seat.

They’re Olson Twin adorable and your little princess will love them. Like it or not, this will be one of those DVDs your kids play over and over again until you can’t take it anymore!

The DVD comes with several special features including a featurette called “Pink! Pink! Pink! The Story of Pink.” You’ll also get a look behind the scenes at the Royal Music Jam and Ellen makes an appearance with her “Favorite Tea Time Moments.” There are also outtakes and bloopers which hardly seems fair given the ages of the young stars.

The DVD bows today, May 20 and is only $12.99 on Amazon. What a royal bargain.


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