Smallville Rivalries: Clark Kent vs Bizarro

On Smallville, Clark Kent has had more than his share of formidable rivals, but he’s always prevailed against them, not just because of his powers, but because of his human side. But let’s face it. There are times when Clark’s compassion and sense of justice is his greatest weakness as was the case in the season six finale “Phantom.”

In “Phantom,” Clark Kent goes toe-to-toe with what could be his greatest rival ever — himself minus the good parts.  Bizarro Clark comes into being when a wraith from the Phantom Zone escapes, only to end up a rat in Lex Luther’s lab. At the time, the creature is hanging out in the body of a little boy, a boy capable of pulling out your entrails with his bare hands. When Clark tries to corral the beast, it runs right through him and helps itself to a bit of Kryptonian DNA and voila, Bizzaro Clark is born.

Both empowered with super strength and speed, BC has the edge over Normal Clark because he’s as evil as Clark is good.

In a pivotal scene Lionel Luther slams a piece or green Kryptonite into BC’s chest, but since this Clark is the opposite of our Clark he doesn’t collapse, he powers up! How can our Clark possibly compete with that? Though the finale ends with a “Clark is down” cliffhanger, we can all be sure he found a way to prevail at the start of season seven, because Clark Kent lives on today but not for much longer on the small screen.

The final episode of Smallville is nearly here and it will be with a sad wave that we say goodbye.

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Here’s more from the folks at Warner Brothers.
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