Satellite TV Lives Up to its Space-Age Name

When I was a kid, the satellite represented the future, the space-age and everything high tech. Spiky, glittery balls were fixed a top of motel signs, amusement park rides and bowling alleys as a way of attracting forward thinking families. Out in space, real satellites such as Sputnik and Vanguard1 were circling the globe keeping an eye on us all and monitoring everything we said and did.

Satellites were cool and scary but then we realized that we could use them to watch The Beatles perform live from England while we were sitting on the couch in New Jersey.

It was 1967. The Beatles performed “All You Need is Love” on the first live world-wide TV broadcast. It was at the height of the Vietnam war and it couldn’t have been a better message to send on that historic occasion.

Since then, satellite TV has given way to cable in many households, but they aren’t giving up the fight for users. Staying true to their forward-thinking, space-age handle, DirectTV, the world’s largest satellite service provider, has just flipped the switch on three 3-D channels.

Direct 3-D Cinema will carry 3-D movies from blockbusters to documentaries.

ESPN 3-D is dedicated to sports and will carry the final games of the World Cup in 3-D

n3D Powered by Panasonic will cover a variety of TV programs, special events and just about anything 3-D Panasonic can get from their studio partners. (The “n” stands for network.)

Of course, you can’t just watch these new 3-D channels on any TV. You have to have a new 3-D TV and special active- shutter glasses, a small price to pay for the experience of being on the field with your favorite football team come Super Bowl time.

Me, I do love a good hockey game, but I wouldn’t say I’m a sports nut. What I am is a TV junkie and if I had the chance to see Jensen Ackles in 3-D every week on Supernatural, then I’d be running to the Best Buy in the morning to buy my new TV.

Here’s looking (very closely) at you, kid.

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