Satan’s Minions: Gamble, Edlund and Ackles

During an interview at Comic-Con, Supernatural’s Eric Kripke said that he often fears he’s become Satan’s head writer. If this is so, than Old Nick has himself one heck of a staff.

There’s the mysterious Ben Edlund with his black nails, wild hair and tendency to disagree — with himself. The lovely Sera Gamble seems normal on the outside with her apple cheeks and cheery smile, but don’t be fooled! By her own admission, Sera tortures handsome young men for fun and profit. And then there’s the charming, charismatic Jensen Ackles who must have made a deal with devil for real! Who else could work until 2:30 in the morning, hop on a plane at 8:00 and still be smiling and witty at 4:00 that afternoon? It’s the work of the devil, I tell you and these three minions sat down with reporters to talk about the coming storm.

Beware all ye who enter here. There be spoilers ahead.

“What would you do if you were in the middle of a war and your brother was dying?” That’s the question Sera Gamble and all of the writers on Supernatural asked themselves as they put together the first few episodes of the new season and it sounds like we’ll be getting another look at Sammy’s “darkside”.

“What’s been going on in Sam’s life alone is enough to change anyone, so it’s been interesting to play with the difference between what’s happened with the demon and what might be different about Sam given [the circumstances].”

His brother did make a deal with the devil after all and even though Sam’s going to give it everything he’s got, don’t expect that plot line to be wrapped up quickly. “It’s difficult to impossible to get out of that deal and they’re being craftier than ever,” says Sera, “and I can tell you, we’re not going to let them off easily.”

Not that life is ever all that easy for the Winchester boys.

“For us, the best episodes are the ones about the shades of grey. Where the decisions the boys have to make are morally troubling,” says creator Eric Kripke. “In Gordon Walker we had the hunter who was taking it to that level of being a fascist, or as we sometimes like to call him, a human supremacist. And the demons in our show, because they’re always possessing other people, always raise those questions of how much collateral damage you’re willing to take in the battle to fight evil.”

Ben Edlund relishes the opportunity to portray modern fears and troubles metaphorically through the ghosts and beasties that the boys hunt and like Kripke, he’s ready to put aside the complicated mythology of the last two years in favor of something new and different.

Says Kripke, “We have these terrorist demonic cells, they’re hidden among us, they could be anybody and they’re waiting to reek as much havoc as possible.”

To make matters worse, the boy’s legal problems will be on the rise. “They will be chased to the edge of their lives. We can’t avoid it,” says Edlund. “There’s a point where [Dean and Sam] can’t credibly show their faces. We’re probably dancing on that thin ice now, there are ghosts to hunt so we have a little leeway, but if we keep avoiding it the show will have to start shooting in Tierra del Fuego!”

But what about those pesky girls everyone’s been talking about?

For Jensen Ackles, the girls are a welcome addition. “Sleep!” he cries out like a parched soul with a waterhole in sight. But he admits that even he wasn’t quite sure how these new characters would work out.

“I was a little concerned at first. We’re constantly moving and rolling. We’re these vagabonds and it doesn’t really lend itself to having recurring characters. But after reading the first couple of scripts, it’s pretty cool. I’m really excited because it opens up the doors to a lot more things and it might even influence the relationship between the brothers. I know they’ve tried other characters in the past and they didn’t work out quite the way they wanted. They’re going to take a chance here and I think that they’ve got it [right].”

Kripke and company have always had to walk that fine line between the mythology episodes that satisfy the die-hard fan and stand-alone episodes that draw in the casual viewer. Both Kripke and Ackles likened the show to the early X-Files where one could watch episodes at random and not be lost.

Says Kripke, “If you want to understand [Supernatural] it’s two guys with a chainsaw in the trunk fighting monsters. Got it? Okay, let’s have fun.” Once the show has you hooked, then it’s time to get involved in the mythology, the characters, the relationships and it’s that detailed layer that keeps viewers coming back for more.

Watch for the season premiere of Supernatural on October 4 at 9:00 on the CW

And You Can Quote Me:

Sera Gamble: “My job is to take two very handsome young men and torture them on a weekly basis. It’s tough but someone has to do it.”

Ben Edlund (on how working on the series has changed him): “I’m less agnostic than I was before and that’s cool. There was a time when I was so agnostic I couldn’t stand myself.”

Jensen Ackles (on the Inkworks Pieceworks Trading Cards): “I guess they took a whole bunch of my t-shirts out of my closet and gave them away. I’m like ‘where’s my grey shirt?'”

Eric Kripke: “We have this troubling feeling that we’re coming up with ideas for Satan I hope not. I hope we’re working for the forces of good.”


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