Sal-ute! Hee Haw Pops Up on DVD

Hee Haw Kornfield ClassicsWhat did Junior Samples say when he saw that Hee Haw was out on DVD? He said, “my, oh my, that’s a pretty darned fancy coaster you got there.”

Insert quick flash of a pretty girl in pigtails popping up out of a cornfield. “Junior may not be smart but he’s. . . ” She fades off then disappears back into the corn.

Welcome to Kornfield County and Hee Haw!

This early 70’s TV series was an unapologetic copy of Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, with a hillbilly twist. The comedy was corny, the visuals were silly and much of the show was devoted to retakes of the same characters trying to get through the same jokes without laughing. Buck Owens and Roy Clark took Rowan and Martin’s place; a cornfield replaced the Laugh-In joke wall and instead of a weekly, far out go-go party, Hee Haw had the barber shop and the back porch.

Another thing Hee Haw had that made it different than Laugh-In was music — glorious country music from some of the biggest stars of the era. And if Loretta Lynn singing “Coal Miner’s Daughter” doesn’t get you, just wait until you hear Roy Clark play the banjo.

Ready to take a trip back to your old Kentucky home (even if you’re from New Jersey)? Time Life is going to take you there. You can either jump in like a frog off a hot plate and buy the extensive 23 episode set. Or you can take the slow and lazy Sunday afternoon route and start with the Kornfield Klassics release.

This DVD is two episodes from the second season. Episode 45 features Yankees outfielder Bobby Mercer who can’t get through his one big joke (through no fault of his own) and the Hagers singing “Teach Your Children”. The highlight of the episode is Roger Miller singing his hit “Dang Me”. Yes, that’s the name of it. Your probably know Miller better for his other big hit “King of the Road.” Look,I grew up with Roger Miller albums playing on the console stereo, so this DVD was a huge blast from the past for me.

The second episode on this DVD, episode 48 features two songs by Loretta Lynn and ‘Whisperin’ Bill Anderson shows up to sing “I Love You Drops”.

Hee Haw may be seem silly, but while other TV shows were slinging political barbs and throwing punches at the establishment, Hee Haw was quietly, and slyly pushing its own agenda — a return to family, God and country in both senses of the word.

Hee Haw: Kornfield Klassics is available for under $10 at Amazon. Or visit for even more pickin’ and a grinnin’.

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