Rizzoli and Isles: ‘Class Action Satisfaction’ Review

It’s all in the family on the winter season opener of Rizzoli and Isles.  When we last left the ladies, Maura was recovering from a near death experience at the hands of her serial killer boyfriend. Jane solved the mystery in time to save Maura, then went home to find Lydia’s baby on her doorstep.

On November 27, the second half of the season begins right where they left off with the whole Rizzoli family banning together to care for the baby.

In “Class Action Satisfaction,” Tommy takes a paternity test to find out for sure if he is the baby daddy of little Mario or TJ, depending on who you ask. After screwing up a lot of his life, Tommy’s ready to settle down and care for the child but it’s Jane who surprises everyone with her natural mothering skills.

And speaking of Rizzoli moms, Angela ends up as part of this week’s murder plot when a man drops dead in the police station cafe where she works. As much as Jane would like to blame surely Stanley, the cafe’s owner, for the crime, it soon becomes obvious that the man was poisoned before he sat down to eat.

The investigation leads Korsack to a church AA meeting where he sees a familiar face — his first ex-wife whom he doesn’t even recognize at first.  Frost uses Korsack’s slip-up to needle him throughout the rest of the episode and it left me wondering if the character is going to recur. She left Korsack while he was fighting the war in Vietnam but now she regrets her actions so maybe they’ll being their relationship a new over the course of the season.

Back at the morgue, Maura and Jane get a scare when a body arrives with signs of a highly infectious disease.  Stuck in quarantine, both women are forced to strip and take a decontamination shower in full view of the new, male morgue attendant. Only Rizzoli and Isles can take a horrible incident and turn it into a laughing matter, but its one of the aspects of the show that makes it so unique.

Once the danger is passed, the puzzle begins to come together as Jane and the squad track down the mystery blond who killed their victim then link them all to the mysterious deaths in the morgue.

“Class Action Satisfaction” is a nice start to the second half of the season with most of the elements we’ve come to expect from the show. There’s humor, family issues, banter between Maura and Jane and a decent mystery. Unfortunately, the payoff at the end of the episode didn’t work for me. Even after the killer was revealed, I didn’t understand his relationship to the other characters or why he killed the victim in the first place. There was even a red herring that might not have been a red herring at all – honestly, I couldn’t explain the solution to you if I tried.

I’m also not sure how I feel about this whole baby situation.  I feel like they short changed the A plot in order to include so much of the B (for baby) plot in this episode and that’s why it fell apart at the end. I just hope that going forward, the baby will end up in the backseat so Jane can concentrate on her detective duties.

Rizzoli and Isles returns on Tuesday, November 27 on TNT.

Photo Credit:      Angie Harmon, Sasha Alexander (Doug Hyun for TNT)

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