Return of the Killer Tomatoes is Cheesy (With No Sauce) Fun

Return of the Killer TomatoesEver wonder why good looking woman are called tomatoes? You’ll get your answer when you pop Return of the Killer Tomatoes into your Bluray player.

This brand new release has a crazy cover and a title that makes the movie sound too bad to even be good. But it’s actually, a truly clever and funny parody of every “attack of” movie ever made.

It stars a George Clooney as Matt, an unmotivated and proud of it, young man who has grown up in a tomato-less world. Oh, he’s heard all of the stories about the great tomato war his elders had to fight so he could run a tomato-free pizza parlor, but that’s all in the past. Or is it. . .

Matt’s best friend Chad (Anthony Starke) has a crush on Tara, assistant to mad scientist extraordinaire Dr. Gangreen (Played to the ultra cheesy max by John Astin). Dr. Gangreen is working on a plan to take over the world by importing tomatoes into town again, then mutating them with music so they become an unstoppable Rambo-esque fighting force — of course!

Chad stumbles upon the plot, then drags his best friend into helping him defeat the evil doctor before it’s tomatogeddon all over again.

What they don’t fight against, are the cliches that make b-movies great. They take every opportunity to punctuate the punchline with a stab straight to camera and it’s wonderful! Think Airplane meets Weird Science and you’ve got Return of the Killer Tomatoes.

Tomatoes PlacementBefore you sit down to watch this amazing new Bluray release from Arrow Video (only $18.99 at Amazon), pick up a six pack of Pepsi and a box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes to snack on while you watch.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled review.

In addition to all the wholesome goodness the movie provides, this new release also includes a commentary track from writer-director John De Bello (you know what they say about people who direct their own movies) and a brand new interview with star Anthony Starke.

Killer Tomatoes BookletFor the tomato collectors, there’s a sweet and juicy 18-page booklet with critic James Oliver’s thoughts on the movie, along with some delicious photos. Finally, for the diehard tomato fans, the movie comes with a reversible cover image, so you can switch from the modern graphics to the original Garbage Pail Kid style art. What more could you want?

Nothing, I tell you. Nothing. Return of the Killer Tomatoes is as sweet as a S’mores Pizza Pie. After watching it, you’ll never look at tomatoes the same way again. Get you copy now before the vegetables in your kitchen decide it’s time to make a meal out of you!

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