New Twists, New Turns, New V!

Last season, V packed more plot twists and turns into the final episode than we’d seen in the five episodes prior and it left me wanting more, more, more. Luckily the wait is over and now that the new season has begun, we’re headed off in some new and very interesting directions.

The biggest reveals revolved around the show’s newest character, nerd-genius Dr. Miller (Reaper’s Bret Harrison). Miller has been studying an alien skeleton that was discovered in an archeological dig. The skeleton was loaded with an alien version of phosphorus which, Ryan says is needed for alien reproduction. (Uh oh!) Then it turns out that the red rain which covered the earth at the start of the episode was loaded with phosphorus which makes it look like the V’s have turned earth into one, giant, fertility clinic. But wait, there’s more! Erica had very high levels of phosphorus in her bloodstream when she was pregnant with Tyler! Could he be half V? Of course! Remember back in the first season, Tyler found out that his dad left them because he thought Tyler wasn’t his child. Remember, Tyler had an accident and his blood type didn’t match his dad’s, so dad assumed Tyler was someone else’s son. .  . and no this isn’t Days of Our Lives. Yes, it’s kind of a soapy plot, but I’d forgotten all about it until Erica brought up the blood test and wham. . . so cool. No wonder Tyler is so precious to Anna.

And speaking of Anna, we got a whole new look at the usual calm and cool commander of the V’s, didn’t we? After suffering the loss of her soldier children, Anna decided to make an example of a ship commander who questioned her loyalties. Bad move, buddy. He ended up having his skin flayed off by Anna’s razor sharp tail and then, alas, a total eclipse of his heart. Is it wrong to say Anna’s hot when she’s angry?

The best bit of the season premiere was the tie-in to the original V series with Jane Badler appearing as Diana, Anna’s mother. It makes me wonder if the skeleton in Dr. Miller’s closet isn’t a throwback to the original series as well. Could it be that the V’s actually invaded back in the 80’s, but used some kind of mind control to make us all forget? We know that there have been V’s on the Earth for awhile, but by bringing back Diana’s character and not just the actress who played her makes it feel like more than just a fannish nod, don’t you think? Rumor has it that Marc Singer, who starred in the original series, will also guest this series, but not as Mike Donovan. See, now, they’re just trying to confuse me.

One thing I’m not confused about is the fact that you can buy V the first season on DVD when you click this link. You can also re-watch the season premiere at’s V Page. V returns with a new episode tonight, January 11 at 9:00 on ABC. Don’t miss it, what you learn there will be vital to your own survival when the V’s coming a calling.

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