New TV on DVD: The Mentalist S5 and 2 Broke Girls S2

2 Broke Girls S2There are two things that happen every September without fail – the new TV season begins and last year’s seasons come out on DVD. Now that TV shows are so serialized it’s nice to pop-in last season’s DVD for  a refresher before the new season kicks in. TV on DVD is also a great way to catch up on those shows you always meant to watch or had to stop watching because there wasn’t any room left on the DVR.

Next up, two popular CBS shows: one very funny pair of 2 Broke Girls and the maddening but masterful Mentalist.

The Mentalist: The Complete Fifth Season

Can you believe this show has been on for five years already? Simon Baker stars as Patrick Jane, a former faux-psychic who now consults with the California Bureau of Investigation. Jane uses his understanding of human behavior and body language to figure out whodunnit but as good as he is, there’s one case he can’t solve – that of serial killer Red John.

This DVD release includes 22 one-hour episodes and two special features; “The Artistry of Action: From Script to Screen” and “Arresting Excitement: Keeping it Real with the CBI.”

Both special features take you behind the scenes to show you how much goes in to turning out a weekly crime series.

It’s a killer of a season, packed with all kinds of twists and surprises. It hit the streets on September 17, so you can get your copy now on
2 Broke Girls: The Complete Second Season

Max and Caroline might be waiting tables now, but someday they’ll be cupcake millionaires. Sadly, starting your own business isn’t easy but lucky for you, it’s terribly funny. If you’re a fan of Laverne and Shirley or Lucy and Ethel, you’ll love 2 Broke Girls.

The Complete Second Season hits stores this Tuesday, September 24. You’ll get 24 half-hour episodes and more than a hour of bonus content.

You’ll get a closer look at the cupcake biz in “Max Homemade Cupcakes.” If you’re thinking of starting your own business, check out “Sophie’s Advice for Young Entrepreneurs.” The DVD also includes deleted scenes and a gag reel. The best bit of bonus content is the cast Q&A at the 2013 Paley Festival.

2 Broke Girls: The Complete Second Season is the perfect pick-me-up whenever life is getting you down.

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