New on DVD: Pretty Little Liars, Regular Show

Pretty Little Liars Season FourI’ve got a secret but I’m not going to keep it, I’m going to share it with the world. . .  Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Fourth Season is now available on DVD.

Okay, so it’s not really a secret but there are plenty of secrets in the latest season of this twisty, turny, teen mystery!

The big question of the season: is Alison actually alive? Is she the mysterious “Red Coat” and if she is alive, why the masquerade? As with every season of Pretty Little Liars there will be more questions than answers but does it matter? I tune in for the crazy plot twists because, seriously, this murder mystery has gone on longer than anyone ever anticipated so those writers are working harder than ever to keep the audience guessing.

The Fourth Season DVD comes with three new featurettes: “Unhooding Redcoat”, “The Lair” and “Pretty Little Scenes.”

Once you’re caught up, visit to watch the first episodes of the current season where there’s a whole lot of creepy going on.

Cartoon Network’s Regular Show: The Complete Third Season is also out on DVD.  The series stars a blue jay named Mordecai and his best friend Rigby, a raccoon, who are both employed as groundskeepers at a local park. But life isn’t as simple as it sounds because they’re best friends with a Yeti, a ghost, a gumball machine and a lollipop. Can’t get much more “regular” than that, can you??

The new DVD contains 7 hours of bonus materials including 10 episode commentaries and 3 featurettes: “Characters Come to Life: Live Episode Read”, “Four Things You Didn’t Know about JG” and “JG Answers Why”. That’s a whole lot of fun for around $20.

Coming up on June 24:

Witches of East End: Complete First Season

NYPD Blue: Season 6

Lost Girl: Season 4

And one of my personal favorites:
The Bridge: Season 1
Just in time for the season two premiere on July 9th on FX.

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