Moonlight Burns Bright


This TV show is really stirring up interest on my blog over at Moonlight is a new CBS series about a vampire detective. It has a cool, film noir style and a lead that is . . . might I say. . . “to die for!”

Alex O’Loughlin sheds his Aussie accent to play Mick St. John and he’s got a protective streak in him that makes me weak in the knees! And he’s also darned good looking, but that’s not why I watch (snicker).

This past week, Moonlight had its highest ratings ever and we’ve all got our fingers crossed for a full season pick-up.

As a bonus, the show co-stars Jordan Belfi whom I worked with on Ten Inch Hero, so that’s an extra perk for me.

Check it out, Fridays at 9:00 on CBS and in the meantime, check out the spoilers and photos I’ve got over at SFUniverse.

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