Mick, Josh, Charlie and Don

What a double feature!  A new Moonlight followed by a new Numb3rs and they both knocked it out of the park.

MOONLIGHT Moonlight was an action-packed episode that put Mick in the difficult position of having to save the boyfriend of the woman he loves.  Seems like Beth’s boyfriend Josh (Jordan Belfi from Ten Inch Hero!) put the finger on a pretty nasty drug lord and now it’s time for a little payback.  First it’s Beth in the line of fire and then Josh himself takes a hard hit. 

I really liked how they played the relationship between Mick and Josh.  As much as Josh suspects there’s something going on between Beth and Mick, he still turned to Mick and asked him to protect his girl.  I loved that.  And I really loved the calm, cool Mick who called on his medic training in order to save the dying Josh.  They could have played that scene with Mick vamping out from all the blood, unable to get a grip, but no.  He showed great strength of character, even if he did later use his skills to destroy the scum buckets who started it all. 

Poor baby is just trying to do the right thing and somehow he always ends up getting hurt himself.


NUMB3RS Then it was on to one of my old favorites, Numb3rs.  This time out, they played with an idea that I’ve often wanted to explore.  Charlie ends up in the line of fire as a pair of thugs try to keep him from revealing the truth about a missing reporter.  David Krumholtz did an excellent job portraying the shell-shocked Charlie and his outbursts at people were so out of character and yet, so him — it was painful to watch (in a good way.)  And oh my, how much did your heart melt when Don comes to the accident scene and brushes his brother’s bangs aside to check the head wound.  How much did they look like big brother, little brother in that scene?  Don’s soul searching throughout the story was another terrific element and his heart-to-heart with Dad about his fear of holding Charlie back from greatness was inspired.

But what’s up with Allan?  Are we setting the scene for a larger storyline here?  He wasn’t himself at all in this episode and I’m almost afraid to find out where they may be going with his character. 

I’m worn out and I haven’t even had a chance to watch tonight’s new Friday Night Lights or Stargate Atlantis!  Geez, Friday used to be a throwaway night on the programming schedule but now it’s the home for some of my favorite shows on TV. 

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