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Gene-Simmons How odd was tonight’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice?  After agreeing to take over the women’s team, Gene Simmons forged ahead with his usual vigor and put together what I thought, was a pretty nice campaign for Kodak.  On hindsight, I see that he made a tactical error by not involving the client and therefore missing the message, but his slogan, It’s a Kodak World, We Only Live in It, was lovely.

The guys had a fun idea, too.  Kodak’s new printer is a knock-out if it truly does what it says it does!  Paying half as much for ink cartridges?  Where can I buy one?  But the guys’ great plan went China Syndrome when a tilting table caused a cup of coffee to spill all over their laptop.  The majority of their work was ruined (hmmm…remind me to run a backup disc tonight) and their final presentation was sloppy due to the last minute rush.

Still, Kodak thought the guys got the message out there and they won with a little help from brother Alec Baldwin.  So it’s boardroom time and Gene refuses to bring the responsible party, namely Elle, to the table.  He brings Omarosa – who usually deserves it but not this time, and poor Jennie who did nothing (but then, maybe that’s her problem)! 

The Donald was left with no choice but to fire Gene, a man who had the potential to go all the way.  With him out of the competition, I’m thinking Marilu has a real shot. 


Next it was Bravo’s Make Me a Supermodel (Supernatural was a rerun).  This show can be summed up best by prison guard Ben who mulled over Ryan’s crush on him saying that if a gay guy thought he was cute, well, that’s a compliment. . . right?

Poor Ben isn’t going to last and I feel really bad for him because there’s no way he can go back to his old job.  Seriously, this guy had his butt waxed on national TV followed by a catwalk wearing an outfit straight out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I’m still all for Casey and his Taylor Kitsch looks and sweet Frankie, the Shaun Cassidy wannabe.  Rock on, boys.  Rock on.


NUP_107313_1783 I also cleared the last episode of Project Runway from the DVR.  Chris and Christian – what a team!  They turned out this marvelous dress that looks like Ascot got wild.  Rami and Kit landed in the bottom two and I don’t get it.  I love Rami’s designs – they’re so 30’s Hollywood and he should get extra points for having to work with Sweet Pea.  I think Gillian’s heading for a nervous breakdown but that 80’s punk trench was to die for.  Hey, if you’re going to lose your mind, at least leave something magnificent behind.


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