Kell on Earth: There’s No Crying in Fashion

NUP_137832_0549If you have to cry, take it out into the hall.

That’s the best piece of advice Kelly Cutrone can give her staff when preparing them for fashion week in NY. Kelly is the guru behind People’s Revolution, the PR company responsible for handling many of the world’s top fashion designers. This season, Bravo is turning the cameras on them for a change for this new docudrama called Kell on Earth. I would have called it Kelly Cutthroat, because this lady tells it like it is — no apologies, no excuses.

In the pilot episode, Kelly and her crew of mostly twentysomething interns are preparing for fashion week in  NY and that means juggling arrangements for a half dozen fashion shows. Hey, these things don’t put themselves together! This is work, work, work, but since it’s fashion there’s also plenty of kiss, kiss, diva flareups and even a little matchmaking on the side.

Kelly’s trying to find a mate for her new assistant Andrew. There’s plenty of friendly banter between them and enough material in the first hour for a dozen sexual harassment suits – but it’s all in good fun (I think.)

The ones who aren’t having fun are the dueling Stephanies. One is a recently promoted account exec and she has got her hands full with the guest list for one of the shows. She tries to delegate but everything she hands off comes back messed up and I gotta tell you, I totally felt for the poor thing. I’ve been where she is, with an hour to deadline, bosses shouting, ‘get it done’ and with a computer refusing to print!

Apparently, putting together the seating chart for a fashion show is like trying to seat two warring Mafia families whose kids are about to marry. You can’t seat the journalists behind the celebs because they’ll listen in and print the gossip. You can’t put competing magazines next to each other and no matter how much you want it to happen, you can’t put 200 VIPs in the front row which only has 100 seats. Kelly’s seven-year old daughter Ava sums it up beautifully when she’s told she must dress up if she wants to go to the show. She replies, “to sit in the third row? You get dressed up so people can see you, not to sit in the third row!”

Seriously! It’s easy to imagine that Kelly and her staff get numerous replies just like that from their clients and the celebrity hoity-toitys they deal with.

On the surface, we’ve seen this before. Stressed out staff working what is thought to be a cool, glam job. It’s Styl’d meets Running in Heels and it’s my new favorite guilty pleasure.

I work on movie crews now and again and the behind the scenes on this show reminded me a lot of the circus that is movie production. It’s tight timelines and egos, creative minds vs money matters, it’s 24 / 7 exhausting and still you wouldn’t trade it for a sack of gold — let’s go on with the show! (Thank you Irving Berlin.)

It’s Kell on Earth, Monday nights at 10:00 on Bravo.

KELL ON EARTH — Pictured: (l-r) Emily Bungert, Andrew Mukamal, Kelly Cutrone, Robyn Berkley, Stefanie Skinner — Bravo Photo: Mary Ellen Mark

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