Katerina Graham Sees Vampires in Her Future

Originally published at SFUniverse in September 2009

Katerina_Graham Katerina Graham is a singer, a dancer, a model and on Thursday night at 8:00 she turns psychic! Katerina plays Elena’s best friend Bonnie on the new CW series The Vampire Diaries and she spent a little time with me answering your questions. Listen in:

April wanted to know, what attracted you to the role of Bonnie Bennett?

Katerina: I auditioned [for a lot of shows] during pilot season and when I got the script for Vampire Diaries, I read it and I was like, this is something different. This isn’t like everything else I’ve been reading. They gave me like five pages of back story before I even went into the first audition and I became so engrossed in this character. Bonnie Bennett is a sweet girl from a small town, she has this innocence to her, and she’s such a loyal person. I love that about her. And she’s psychic and I think most people want to have a cool special power.

Are you and Bonnie very much alike?

Katerina: We’re very similar [in our demeanor], but our style –it’s completely different. I’m sort of retro, circa 90’s with futuristic funk — high, open-toed platforms, shoulder pads and my hair in a bun. Bonnie, she’s kind of this hippie chick. But it’s great when you can jump into a costume and become that character and when you’re done you jump into your pointy-toed shoes and you’re you again.

Illie asks, how would you react if you were told you’ve inherited psychic powers?

Katerina: I think everyone would be taken aback with being able to see the future and with great gifts come great responsibilities.  There are certain things you can’t say at certain times and certain things you might be completely wrong about so you don’t want to put it out there. I think I’d be excited, and a part of me would be frightened, I’d need to know more about it and I’d probably do a lot of research, which is what Bonnie’s doing right now.

Do you believe that saying it out loud can make it so or is fate going to deal the cards no matter what happens?

Katerina: There’s a crazy philosophy, I guess most people know it as The Secret, where if you put something out there it might manifest. So it could go both ways, certain things are fate and inevitable, like I believe the love between the characters is inevitable, but there are different things that if you put fears out there, ideas out that aren’t positive it might manifest. I do believe that.

Nicole says, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder looks ever so charming, and Nina Dobrev looks like such a sweetheart! What’s it like on the set with them?

Katerina: We’re very close and I’ve never been a part of a set where we’re all family from the key grip to the caterers to the lead actor, we’re all so tight. Such a team. If I see the cameraman sweating, I run to get him a water. We take care of each other. That might be one of the reasons that the show might be a success is the fact that there’s such good energy and such a one-unit family. Honestly, we shot the pilot in Vancouver and then, when we were back in LA, we spent every weekend together.

April and I both want to know — Stefan or Damon — which would you choose?

Katerina: And I know they’re vampires? I don’t know if I could choose. Say something happened between Bonnie and Stefan or Bonnie and Damon, at that point it wouldn’t be a struggle between them but a struggle inside herself, between right and wrong. Maybe that might come across in the next season or two and the fans will have to experience it with me because I have no clue how Bonnie would react to that.

Between Ian and Paul I couldn’t chose either, they’re such sweet guys. It would be way too hard. Paul [can be very intense] when he’s in vampire mode. Ian is an animal lover and he’s such a teddy bear in real life. When he’s in character, I’m like, ‘wow, what a phenomenal actor’ because he’s so sweet and charming and he can switch like that into an evil, crazy vampire. It’s pretty awesome to watch.

You can watch Ian turn evil, Paul go into vampire mode and Bonnie transform into a hippie psychic when The Vampire Diaries premieres tomorrow, September 10, at 8:00 on The CW.

Photo: Katerina Graham by Quantrell Colbert/The CW ©2009 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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