Justin Hartley On Gemini, Games & Getting Beat

It’s shades of Smallville’s Lana and Jason, as Anna Diaz is pulled into a whirlwind romance in Paris. Her new beau, Nick Korda, seems too good to be true — maybe that’s because he is. Now Anna is left wondering if he’s the love of her life or the key to her demise and what’s with the greasy yellow ring around the bath time after he takes a dip?

Questions, questions and more questions and even a few answers can be found when you watch the new NBC sponsored webseries Gemini Division starring Justin Hartley and Rosario Dawson. I caught up with Justin during a Smallville break and we talked about that, this, and why he’ll never offer to fix the pool again.

Set aside your quiver, Oliver Queen fans, Justin Hartley is in the house.

Why did you decide to work on Gemini Division?

Justin: I feel like this is where the future of our business is going is to the web. I believe there is a way to do it that is high quality, that looks great, that is going to grip people and get away from that stigma that the Internet is just a big porn machine. I was developing my own webseries, a sketch comedy kind of thing, when I got this call. When they said Rosario Dawson was doing it, I was like, you mean THE Rosario Dawson? It really interests me to see a bona fide movie star (she probably hates that phrase, but she is) doing something like this.

I think we’ve got our hands on something good. I’ve seen the first two webisodes, they’ve been released on NBC.com and there’s a new one on Monday and then four a week until they’re done – 52 of them.

How does working on a webseries differ from working on a TV series?


Justin: [Gemini Division] falls somewhere between the soap that I did and Smallville. When you do a webseries the crew is much smaller, the production is much smaller, and you may do a whole episode in one day. But when we shoot Smallville, the crew is much bigger and you have a lot more time to shoot it, many more angles, more coverage.

And, obviously, the [webisodes] aren’t 44 minutes either, they’re 4 to 7 minutes. Still, whether it’s a lot or a little in Hollywood you’re always trying to finish your day. You rarely hear of the 12-hour day that got finished in 6 hours. Usually it’s a 12-hour day that got finished in 14 if you’re lucky.

As for shooting the romantic scenes in Paris. . .

Justin: [Gemini Division] was all green screen. You had to imagine every single thing around you and it’s like, ‘you’re in Paris’ and god forbid you look behind you because it’s like, ‘no, I’m in a warehouse.’

In addition to being a webseries, Gemini Division will be the basis for an online multi-player game and that was something Justin could really get behind.

Justin: I am, at least, the biggest gamer in my neighborhood. We do Smallville in Vancouver so I’ve been going Vancouver, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Los Angeles and all this traveling is really taking away from my gaming time. And if you step away from it for five weeks, you’re horrible.

So I gotta ask. What’s your favorite game?

Justin: I haven’t had a chance to pick up Madden 09, so Madden 08 and NASCAR. I have them on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and I have the PSP when I’m in Vancouver.  I don’t have the Wii, which I would love to have, but I’d probably pull a muscle with all that. And Rock Star, I’m trying to get my wife into Rock Star.

Speaking of Rock Star. What about that infamous Guitar Hero match-up between you and Jared Padalecki?

Justin: He kicked my booty in that game! We talked about it before, he looks at me and goes, ‘hey Justin, I’m pretty good at this.’ I go, ‘great, your hand is broken.’ He’s like, ‘have you ever played this?’ I go, ‘how hard can it be? Four buttons and I’ve got really good rhythm, it’s not going to be a deal.’

So we go in there and I’m like, ‘what the hell?’ The green, the blue. . .it’s an amazing game and some people are so good at it they look like real guitar players, but if you’re playing a little bit past your talent level it’s really frustrating. [Jared] was excellent at it. ‘What have you been doing for the past couple of months?’ [Jared replies,] ‘just playing Guitar Hero, it’s all I do.’

But as much as Justin is a gamer and a now a web-star, he isn’t much of an Internet junkie.

Justin: I don’t have a MySpace or a Facebook though I have been told that I have several. My sister would call me, she’s really into that stuff, and she’d say, ‘you know there’s someone online that’s saying they’re you on MySpace and that you hate people and you’re telling them to go to hell.’  It used to get me really bothered.

Now, however, Justin has a different attitude toward the attention he gets online.

My agent called me the other day and said, ‘you have arrived my friend, there’s an official I Hate Justin Hartley blogging thread.’

That’s excellent that someone has taken their time to hate me. I hope they don’t take their time to find me, but if you want to take the time to hate me, that’s great, man.

Now that’s what I call well-adjusted!

Justin Hartley Answers My Top 3 Questions

What have you kept since you were a kid?

Justin: I’ve lived around Chicago my whole life until I moved to LA [as an adult]. As a little kid, my dad and mom took us to Florida for vacation and they took us to the Dodgers spring training camp back when they had Fernando Valenzuela, Steve Garvey and Steve Yeager. They had a great, great team, so I got the ball signed and I became a Dodgers fan when I was a tiny little kid. All through high school, everyone is a Cubs fan or Sox fan and I’m a Dodger fan and everyone is like what’s that all about? So oddly, I end up moving to LA and a couple of months ago my dad sends me this picture of me when I was a kid, standing there with three of the Dodgers. So I have that hanging in my house, the only picture of me I have in my house. I’ve had that forever, well, my family’s had it forever, it’s cool to see a picture of you from 25 years ago.

What’s something you’ve done that there is no way you’re ever doing that again?

Justin: So many things, what can I say. . . a couple of ex-girlfriends . . . no, cleaning my pool equipment! At the beginning of the summer, my pool wasn’t working properly. I found the problem, it wasn’t that big a deal, just something needed to be cleaned out.  I’m unscrewing this and messing with that, and I’m not a really handyman around the house, my hand slips and my arm goes into this metal contraption and I literally sliced myself to the bone. Blood spraying everywhere, I’m getting dizzy, I’ve lost way too much blood, gory scene. So from now on, I don’t do any kind of handyman stuff. I’ll barbeque, but I’m not cleaning anything. My wife, she’s like, ‘this needs to be painted.’ I show her the scar. Do you want this to happen again?

Captain Kirk vs Captain Jack Sparrow?

Justin: I think they would probably meet, and Captain Jack would try to attack Captain Kirk and Kirk would find away to fend him off just for a quick second, enough to say a few of his catch phrases and Captain Jack would appreciate that and they’d probably team up and go at it together. I don’t think they would fight. How can you fight Captain Kirk, for god’s sake. You’d like him, all right dude, let’s hang out.

You can catch Justin Hartley on Smallville on The CW this fall and right now on the new webseries Gemini Division.

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