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SC-Queens-Gambit-10 It’s a spoiler so I guess I shouldn’t write it in the post header but now you’ve been forewarned!  This week it was Queen’s Gambit on The Sarah Connor Chronicles and chess was the motif!  (I’m teaching motif this week over at, so how perfect was that?)

There were some huge twists and turns in this episode, one I never saw coming and one that I was off by only bit. 

In the main story, Sarah goes to a computer chess match to watch Andy compete with his reinvented “Turk”.  If Andy wins he’ll be awarded a military contract and a bullet in the brain courtesy of Cameron.  The evolution of the intelligent machine was the motif here as Cameron was checked out by a creepy mechanical marvel with only a face.  After several intense minutes, Andy actually loses the game but he ends up dead anyway.  Sarah runs into a mystery man who is dashing away from the crime scene (Brian Austin Green) and he ends up cornered by the police.  Now Fox has been quite cagey about naming the character before tonight, so I thought he might actually be Kyle Reese (the father of John Connor).  Turns out he’s Derek Reese, Kyle’s brother (John’s uncle – are you still with me) and he claims he didn’t kill Andy.  (I’m thinking Andy’s partner is good for the crime.) 

Knowing all this, Sarah and her brood decide to spring Reese as he’s being transported to the FBI on behest of Agent Ellison (I’m starting to feel sorry for this guy) and a real lollapalooza of an action scene ensues.  Car sequences have always been a trademark of the Terminator movies and this one was pretty cool figuring in the reduced budget. 

So big battle.  Heroes win – oops, not quite – do partially to John’s attachment to Cameron, Reese gets shot and it looks like he’s going to die if he doesn’t get medical attention right away.  No problem.  John goes to fetch help and comes back with Charley (Dean Winter) Sarah’s love from eight years ago.  Didn’t see that coming and I love it because I’m a fan of Winters and I wanted to see him get more airtime!

SC-Queens-Gambit-05 One of the things that always impresses me about this show are the visuals — the lighting and coloring.  For a cold, futuristic series about robots, this show is full of warm, earth tones.  The lighting is also spectacular, so moody and dramatic.  The scene with John and Sarah watching the chess match was just lovely in this respect.

Finally, kudos to Summer Glau for the scene in the counselor’s office.  The way she popped in and out of imitating the dead girl was a riot!  I suspect the counselor was the one having an affair with the student and he was trying to find out if the girl had told Cameron the secret before she died.   There’s more going on at that school than meets the eye!  Oh, and I like John’s new friend, Morris.  Great sidekick material.

Next week is Dungeons and Dragons and it looks like one heart-stopping episode!  I can’t wait.

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