Jared Padalecki: Kirk vs Sparrow

Now, as you know (if you follow my work), I have a couple of “absurd” questions that I like to ask everyone that I interview.  So, my Aussie friends were going to meet Jared Padalecki of Supernatural last weekend at a convention and they wanted to ask really unusual questions, so I gave them two of my best.

Here’s Jared fielding my ultimate absurd question: “Captain Kirk vs. Captain Jack Sparrow.”

And here are some of the answers from other people:

Matt Keeslar from The Middleman

I think, Captain Kirk and Captain Jack Sparrow are two sides of the same coin; you have the ultimate sort of man in control in Captain Kirk, the captain of the Enterprise and the person who is able to make decisions quickly and forcefully and to steer the ship in the right direction. And then you know, Captain Jack Sparrow who is the complete intuitive, instinctive captain who just does things by feel, does things by the way that his emotion, or his heart and the compass guide him. So I think that, they’re remarkably different, but also very similar and two sides of a leader that need to be incorporated in order to steer a ship on its right course.

Christian Oliver from Speed Racer

Oh wow. Definitely Jack Sparrow. For sure! Love him! That guy has way too much fun. I’d like to sail the seven seas with that man. I’m sure… it would be a helluva ride. For sure.

Sandy McCoy from Cry Wolf and Supernatural

God! I’m a huge Johnny Depp lover, there’s no contest. Okay, maybe against Jean Luc Picard, because I did love Star Trek: The Next Generation but not Captain Kirk. That would be a toss up, because I love Patrick Stewart also, so that’s where the contest would lie, but Captain Jack Sparrow would still definitely win. How do you not look at him and be in awe. And not just because of his physical appearance, oh gosh, he’s not human. He can’t be. Johnny Depp cannot be human, so he’d win and I’d like to go on record saying that. Even Jared has a man crush on him. He’s great.

Aaron Yoo from Disturbia and 21

It would have to be Captain Jack Sparrow, because he’s brilliantly ineffective. He has gold teeth. Talk about anyone who’s prepared for anything, in a pinch, just break one of them off and sell it, plus he wears pantaloons. And Captain Kirk is dressed in a stocking basically, like a unitard, plus Captain Kirk speaks with a pronounced. . . ‘Spock! What is… the matter… with the way… I talk… why? Do I do it….? I don’t know.’

So yeah, Captain Jack.

Brandon Barasch from General Hospital

I’m gonna take that in a fight and I’m gonna go with Captain Kirk. Simply because he can transport himself back to Denny Crane if he’s not winning in the duel.

You know I’m not really a Star Trek fan, but I am in awe of William Shatner and his work, especially on Boston Legal. So that’s how I came to my answer. He’s brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Shawn Roberts from Diary of the Dead

Jack Sparrow…. he always such a smooth guy during his exit strategy. As if he had it planned the entire time.

Zachary Levi from Chuck

Kirk always. 10 out of 10.

Joel David Moore from Spiral and Dodgeball

In a cage match, no weapons of any sort, then Captain Kirk, because that guy can fight with his hands better than most of us. He did a lot of hand-to-hand combat. But if they met in a bar, Captain Jack Sparrow would win because he would try to find any blunt object to fight with to get out of the situation as soon as he could. (At which point he begins to ponder the possibilities of turning this into a short but funny video. “In this corner. . . “)


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