Jackson Brundage Rules!

One-Tree-Hill-02 I don’t normally watch One Tree Hill, but since I am a TV reporter, I thought I should check out the season premiere with its nifty new plot twist.  Like most long running shows that begin with characters in high school, the cast of One Tree Hill were starting to look a little mature for the prom.  To solve this problem, the show added a four year jump in the timeline, skipping over college, thereby allowing the actors to play close to their own real ages.  Who would have thunk?

This new timeline then opened up a whole range of possibilities as the Tree Hill gang each try to find their places in life, work and love.  Peyton is trying to make a difference in the music biz in LA.  Brooke is a clothing mogul with her own company.  Haley faces her first day as a high school teacher while husband Nathan bemoans an accident that cost him his basketball career.  Lucas is a best selling author who is having trouble completing his second novel (Oh, I feel for you, boy.  I really do.)  And Jackson Brundage?  He’s Haley and Nathan’s four-year-old son, Jamie, and he STOLE every scene he was in (and he was in a lot!)

Hand this kid an Emmy now, he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with!

Despite my intention of only watching a little of the show, I was pulled into the full two hours and at the end I was setting the DVR on series record.  The new themes of the show reminded me of when I was in Jr. High, imagining how my friends and I would have exciting lives with cool jobs and weekend barbeques at the beach.  It was a nice dream that never happened and maybe that’s why I like seeing it on One Tree Hill. 

Or maybe I’m just hooked on Jackson Brundage.  His soap box derby storyline was an emotional killer!  Hey, I don’t know too many grown-up actors who can nail a scene as well as this kid.

Watch One Tree Hill on The CW, Tuesdays at 9:00.

SPOILER:  K-Fed begins his story arc next week as one of Peyton’s discoveries and the rumor is it’s a role that really suits him.


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