It’s Time for Peace, Joy and V: The Complete First Season

How would you feel if a giant spaceship parked itself above your city? Would you be excited? Afraid? A little of both? Would you grab your camera and film it for YouTube or grab your family and get out of town? Face it, as much as we’re a nation fascinated by the idea of aliens, we probably wouldn’t react well if they showed up en masse. But what if, as was the case with the Visitors of “V,” they claimed to not only come in peace, but they offered us the technology to cure cancer and extend our lives. Maybe then we wouldn’t be so quick to join the resistance movement?

Personally, I think any alien civilization that goes through the trouble to set up camp here on Earth is up to no good. The cynic in me simply doesn’t believe in a whole race of people who do good for goodness sake. If they’re here and offering to help us, they want something. Our water. Our oil. Our children! Remember “To Serve Man?”

It could be that I’ve spent too many years watching old sci fi movies like War of the Worlds and The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Battlestar Galactica is the first show I can think of where the aliens really did come in peace, and after that Alien Nation. Alien Nation is the best example of what would happen if the aliens were on a level playing ground and we were forced to assimilate them into our culture. But the Visitors of “V?” They’ve got the upper hand. They have Anna and despite years of being told ‘you can’t tell a book by its cover,’ almost everyone believes that her pretty face and sweet smile means she’s a nice person. But not Erica and not Father Jack or any of the others who have banned together to stop the V’s. That’s where I’d be if the aliens came. Sending out email warning messages and finding ways to peel away their friendly masks. No, Anna and her people didn’t come to Earth to earn their alien merit badges. They have something big planned and it’s going to take everything we’ve got to defeat them in the end.

The V’s may have taken a short break, but they’ll be back very soon. In the mean time, refresh your memory with V: The Complete First Season on DVD. Visit to pick up your set in time for the holidays and the Season 2 Premiere!” And hurry because you only have until January 4 at 9:00 before the Visitors return to ABC.

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